If your were stuck in RotMG what class would you be?


What class would i be?

if this is the personality type of test, i would probably be samuai, not many people like me. I like helping others but others ignore that point (exposed). Of real life weapons, i like the spear, katana + heavy armor kinda fits me in that style (also my real life combat style is a bit more hit and run rather than combo-ish). Not brute force, but with some strategic (piercing abt, and katana) but not too much for trickster. A somewhat all-rounder not particularly good at one thing but ok in pretty much everything.

If i could chose: priest, leech and spam the tome. especially so in SAO style, i would also get the dept of others because is saved them.


Ha ha, good answer.


Assuming that we apply SAO’s rules to this psuedo-realm, then I’d most definitely be priest.

Priest has the longest range of any class, and can also heal the most reliably.

However, this only works under the assumption that the other core classes (Long range DPS, Status inflictors, tanks, Buffers) are all accounted for.

I’m pretty sure there’s a short story on realmeye wiki under the lore section about a huntress…


you might think my instant go-to answer here would be “sorcerer obvs” but I’m actually thinking about choosing ninja, here’s a few reasons why:

  • idk how I feel about always wearing a robe, I would think wearing something big and loose fitting like that would get pretty annoying at times.

  • being able to cast chain lightning at will would be AWESOME, but I also think that it would get old kinda fast. actually being a sorcerer is just standing still while pointing two sticks at the enemy and waiting for it to die. not as engaging as throwing knives, shooting bows, or swinging swords.

  • people irl tend to not understand me or my interests, just like how people tend to not understand how useful ninja is in-game

  • void blade is awesome

now if we assume soa rules and in-game death = irl death then I’d totally pick sorcerer. he’s much safer and despite the above nitpicks he’s still my favorite class (see: lightning = awesome). but if we assume a more rotmg-like framework and death is permanent but you can get reincarnated and start over then I think I might pick ninja.

of course, I don’t see why I have to only pick one. if I’m stuck in rotmg, wouldn’t I bound to my account? my account has 12 characters, not 1. so my pick is “everything but assassin, priest, and trickster, with occasional exceptions for assassin ppes”.


Lets just pretend that you can only choose one character (I love assassin)


OK, I think that you have various spells for your staff/wand users other than
Generic Spell Name #1: Shoot

Well duh, Kirito wasn’t able to switch characters in SAO proper

(I mean he could partially decompose himself in OS and GGO, so I mean like what the fuck)


Paladin. One of the most useful classes that gives a party effect which enhances both damage and healing. But if I’m feeling daring I can equip my Oreo!


I’d be Guill.


Pally my man, bitches love pallys


Sorcerer gets drops off screen. :sunglasses:


i’d be a knight so i won’t die


i would be firstly huntress beacuse i love hunt playing and 2nd is sorc bc of good range and powerful scepters


Ninja! Cause it’s my most succesful class basefamewise.
Otherwise, Mystic, cause I love her.


You can’t be an NPC. (but I totally would be Craig tho :slight_smile: )


I would be like Mreyeball netflix and chill in meh vault watching some good anime. If I had to go out because I needed some chicken legs of doom to eat then I would be a priest.


a wizard, too fun :slight_smile:


If I get to keep my divine, I’d go with paladin because it has so much heal power and has the most fun UTs. If I don’t get a pet, I’d take necro anyday.


Ill be a ninja. Everyone thinks i’m amazing once they see my stats. But they know how terrible and sucky of a class i am once they get to know me better.


Wait can u re spawn lol


Rogue because I’m a selfish and useless retard irl