If your were stuck in RotMG what class would you be?


You can’t respawn. Death = death irl


trick i dont really play it but i RUV their ability it op


mhm, yeah you’d “help” people


Yes, help, by applying stasis to enemies that players are having trouble with and I can curse any enemy I come across and hopefully people will see me and remember that not all mystics are terrible people.





Would love to be an Archer especially with a doombow irl, easy claps for days.
I wouldn’t have to worry about danger, ez snipe.
I wouldn’t have to worry about being chased, ez paralyze
I wouldn’t have to worry about loot, most sb thresholds and like 2, me dbow do 600 omegalul


If I was in RotMG i would never go farther than the lowlands.
I’d just chill in the nexus and vault and ghall with my trickster.


Gotta get that back too school necklace


I’d be an assassin cuz I’m lazy irl and I’d just throw poisons


Warrior. Not good against gods, but really good damage.


lmao i remember when i was 10 watching sao.


I watched SAO and SAO2 recently - it was nice, taking current time and the time setting in the anime. Our technology has definitely gotten closer to SAO.


Anything SAO related irl I will not do now lol


So you’re 15-17? lol

It’s gotten dx closer to SAO- I highly doubt humanity’s ability to make a game that’s even partially as immersive as SAO within the next 15 years. If you do, find me and tell me.


Priest priest priest!!! :relaxed:


Probably trickster.

It has one of the best survivability, because of the fact you can teleport anywhere in sight and leave behind a decoy to trick whoever was attacking you. You could also use the decoys to help other players survive, or to simply save yourself.

Also, with some prisms your decoys could be really deadly, so it wouldn’t lack in damage either.

Right now it’s pretty hard to use, because you gotta aim it with your mouse, but if you were in the game and could teleport at will to a destination you choose in your mind, I definitly think it would be a very strong class, if not one of the strongest with mystic (especially if mystic could stasis other players).


what about in voids? most times you cant really escape? Same with a lot of newer dungeons like parasyte. Havent tried hives yet.


I feel like the game would be a lot scarier if you were stuck in it :sweat_smile:. just saying


fuck sorcs i’ll be a deadly vixen trickster and touch myself all day ez