If your were stuck in RotMG what class would you be?


Knight because im thicc af


Ninja, cuz im fast as fuck in rl x)


You can’t really escape in voids, but you can still survive pretty well. Either the attacks are waves, and you can teleport past them (or simply teleport away from boss?) or you can easily dodge the bullets (shuriken phases for example). You can also decoy the monsters, and teleport past pure evil during the split phases.

I however must agree that the last phase (the one with the boss clones going around the arena) would be the trickster’s weak point.

You could always go back to previously cleared rooms in parasite. However you’re right saying it would be quite weak in new dungeons, especially thicket and reef. Of course it wouldn’t be dead meat, but most other classes would definitly outclass it in these dungeons.

Thinking about it, Marble Colossus would be a pain too. There isn’t that much safe spaces, and the only advantages it would have would be to teleport through tentacles and decoy/teleport away from boss on its chasing phases.


I would be Archer…




But… if you’re in rotmg for real, would you risk your life in any of those places?
Especially when everyone sitting in nexus with basically superpowers would be AWESOME.
Teleportation, invisibility, stasis, superspeed…


But wouldn’t you want to be the strongest if you were stuck there forever?


It’s not pvp, in the real world I wouldn’t risk my life for a dagger or a bow. Just stay in nexus and party all day! That sounds like fun, except the nexus is small. Maybe I’d go on the beach.


I love it personally…


Probably Knight or Priest. If I REALLY had to pick ONE, I’d pick Priest.


Okay come on do you really think everything would look pixelated if you’re inside the game
That’s just how it looks to everyone playing it


Priest, assuming there’s permadeath I’d want to be safe with both the range and healing. Not to mention, I actually like to heal people.


If we were in there, who knows what we would have to do to survive? Maybe we’d have to hunt for food or supplies in the realms.

Moreover, simply doing party all day would get boring, and some people would start running dungeons both to get stronger, to increase their fame (talking about the real one between people, not the currency) but for most people, to do something different, to feel the adrenaline and finally do what we cannot do nowadays in this society : adventure.

The guilds would then probably take another tone. The harder the dungeons you completed, the more “real” fame you would have, and you could create or join powerful guilds. These guilds, made out of the best players in the realms, could either wander to help others, to flex, or could act as mercenaries who would get payed by lower ranked players to help them running dungeons they’re too afraid or weak to do.

Dungeons would probably be way harder too. Since people don’t want to die whatsoever, they wouldn’t do the same strat as usual : put yourself in the middle of the crowd and shoot. Also who knows how that would work, since I don’t believe people would stack on top of each others. A single death could also make people panic, run over each others and cause masive deaths. Mass dungeons would probably be abandonned, and dungeons with small, organised groups would be the norm.

The thing known as “Starcism” (racism for people with low stars) would disappear and could be replaced by a racism towards the weak, the afraid and the people staying in safe zones such as nexus or lowlands.

Ok, maybe I’ve thought too far into this. It’s probably time to stop now.


You’d have to get food somehow, no?


Does your character ever have to eat?


I’m assuming you do- Kirito and the other bitch ate in SAO


@TROLLDLLR @AKLDragon Lets pretend that they can eat all they want in the nexus. :slight_smile:


If we assume the nexus is absolutely impenetrable to monster attacks, then yes. Everyone would stay inside.

For this scenario, we also must assume that there are infinite amounts of resources in the nexus.

However, if the people know that the nexus’ safety net can (and by extension, will) be breached, then certain groups of people will sign up for combat in order to keep their group alive when the nexus is sacked.


Also the food is better when you get it in realm rather in the nexus. :slightly_smiling_face:. Also this is why we need people to go out into the realm to get stronger and prevent the nexus from getting sacked.


Someone did write a story about this following scenario under these parameters:
—When you die, you are resurrected but you lose all your items and memory
—Resources are finite
----Potion gain seems to be infinite (the ceiling for pots is infinite; no determined point of “maxing”)
----You actually need to eat
Source: https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/rotmg-trilogy