If your were stuck in RotMG what class would you be?


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I still believe that Necromancers would be second to priests in terms of healing ability. The Priest’s heal is much more reliable and has the bonus of having healing (+20 HP/S) which would be invaluable in a scenario where HP is sacred.

The only time this would be useful is when you don’t have a wizard/archer/huntress/Sorcerer. The Skull doesn’t do that much damage anyway, unless you’re spamming the shaitans skull or the momento Mori.

I think overall, solo players wouldn’t exist (just like in SAO lol) due to the fact that there is only so far a single player can go, especially if you can’t just nexus or whatever.

I think that at the least, small groups of 3-4 (Tank, DPS and Support) will dominate the majority of the New Realm, with the top few players going solo as rogues or paladins. Then the remainder will form either large groups/guilds or stay in the nexus and trade shit.

Overall, I project that if 120,000 people play realm and are dragged into it like SAO, about ~10,000 to ~15,000 would actually go out and fight, whereas the rest would fall into some other niche.
This would be a problem, since challenging stronk enemies such as the MBC and Void would take many people and would cause heavy casualties.

(We are NOT under the assumption that 85 moderately skilled players can take down the void. That’s ludicrous).

Also, what is HP/MP? There’s no direct correlation between irl “stats” and rotmg stats.
(Unless you claim HP to be the amount of blood or some shit like that)


Honestly if I was in this situation I would just sit in the Nexus. I’m not going to risk my life like that, fuck that noise.

I think more than 110 000 would want to stay in the Nexus and maybe only 1000 people would go out. But that’s just my opinion.


It depends. Even the threat of imminent death can still be overcome by sheer boredom. Not to mention the fame and prestige that would undoubtedly fall upon those who ventured into the realms to pick up much-needed supplies for the others. Much as the warriors of olde were once encouraged to fight through promise of fame and power, so would many of the denizens of the nexus.


I would be Kirito


If we were to be stuck in the game, we would be stuck there for a reason. Obviously the realms are at war, because of the Mad God, and I think us, the players would be the soldiers/adventurers. We would all have this one huge quest to kill or cure Oryx of his anger, and we all have our part to play.
Because the Nexus (our sanctuary, home and country) can only hold off these forces for so long. Obviously everyone would have to put in their effort to ultimately destroy Oryx.
Now to my point, every class plays their part in the team.
Yes, healers are great and are probably the main body of our team, but priest itself has extremely low dps, necromancer has to rely on their pet and measly 30 vitality when they get quieted, and paladin’s heal is not as quick and reliable as a priest’s or a necromancer’s, but they do provide a valuable dps boost.
Every class in RotMG has its part in the team.
Imagine a fight without melees, knight is extremely tanky and can eat up bullets for his teammates, as well as stun enemies.
Warrior can provide a berserk boost to nearby players and can clear out hordes of enemies with his incredible damage and speedy boost.
Wizards are mainly to add up to all the overall damage and helps destroy the boss quicker with his spellbomb. Sorcerer can get damage in where no one else can and makes hordes of enemies easier to clear out with his scepter.
Mystic can freeze mobs when there are too many enemies to handle and can curse the ones that can’t be stasised.
Assassin can poison the boss and get damage in, even when it is invulnerable.
Trickster can summon decoys to trick hordes of enemies when things get too dangerous, such as a crusade. Trickster can also rush, along with the rogue.
Rogue can cloak himself and damage enemies from the behind, completely unnoticed, and is an excellent rusher with his 75 speed and dexterity capacity.
Samurai can lower an enemies’s defense by 20. Exposed is one of the only debuffs the void entity is not immune to.
Ninja, although squishy is the speed lord. He can close the realm extremely fast with his high speed and massive damage. And he can get in huge damage with his ninja star.
Archer can paralyze enemies and attack from afar, and can help clear with his tiered bow.
Huntress can slow down enemies, making them easier to tackle, she can also help clear with her tiered bow.

All of us here are picking a class to make our own survivability as good as possible. The nexus is just like any other sanctuary, it will collapse one day. The best defense is a strong attack.


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I wish the actual game was played with this much teamwork.


lol same


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In terms of healing it would definitly be under priest. However the interesting thing with necro is that it’s an hybrid class. It may not be the best for damaging, healing or debuffing, but he can do all of those at the same time, making it a good class for solos, duos or sometimes trios.

Yeah that’s what I imagined by saying this : (although you did make it sound better)

I guess that number would vary depending on the type of players dragged in the realms. I feel like there could be 3 major types of players :

  • Unexperienced players : light blue stars and such. Quite new to the game, would probably be scared as hell, 90% would stay in nexus.
  • Farmers : those guy that stay for hours in crowds to easily farm event chests and such. Medium-low skill, but would probably be quite scared of death. Probably around 60-65% of those players would stay in nexus.
  • Actual players : those guy that used to search the realms for challenges, actually playing the game of dodging and shooting. Medium-high skill, their knowledge of bosses would help them in fighting the fear of death. I guess around 15-20% of them would stay in nexus.

I guess it would depend on the fighting style of such a world, although mana could definitly stay the same. I can imagine two patterns :

  • Keeping the Hp, when a player gets to 0hp he dies.
  • Making it so that Hp converts to physical constitution. The more Hp, the more attacks a player can withstand before dying or passing out.


When we are ported inside the game I feel we would be a slightly more detailed version of the characters that we seen on the title screen for realm.


This would make for some dope ass anime.




Yeah that would actually be quite entertaining. I might try to write a short novel about such a story, it may be interresting.


first would be paladin, cause its strong and helpful.
second choice would be rogue cause invisibility


Archer, I will be a guy wearing dark-blue cloak with a cute baby blue drake. Killling ents as my daily basis to warm my fireplace, raiding undead lair in hope finding bow, visiting thessal, subjugating murderous megamoth, and maybe join lost hall expedition.


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Just a mini inquiry if you looked up to the skies in game what do you think we’d see?


The death screen.
Don’t get distracted.