Ignore option on character does nothing


Anyone else keep ignoring bots but a day later you can see the same bot spamming? Their character page shows ignored but they’re still chatting visibly to you.


The one next to the vault?


He means when you ctrl + click one someone’s name and can press ignore and it doesn’t work.


I mean the bot that specifically stands next to the vault portal. It evades my ignores every time, but the rest stay silent.


Yes. Sometimes the bot is able to sneak past ignore, but I think the reality is that the bots are cycled with fresh accounts every 10 - 20 minutes or so. Their names are a generated code (7js8sjc7jadh) and whenever you ignore them, they come back. I imagine this is just an arms race between DECA and the RWT site, and is indicative of SHADOWMUTING now being an ineffective deterrent. Shadowmuting now serves to annoy the playerbase instead of curbing the usage of bots, and needs to be removed. Something new needs to be tried.