Ignore this... Or not?


Just testing out if some old friends even use this.

@Lore (nope)
@Clocking (he’s dead)
@Trent < Look at the America ring in his graveyard.
@Dalla (Figured)
@OSX (Dumb Bloke)
@TheRilr (He designed the crab)


@Tatsume (…)
@YARRRRR (Drunk Russian.)
@AntiLOL (white pow… nvm)
@Brutus (ty)
@Flyou (Fkyou)
@Wawawa (sit on him)
@Remmy <{•^•}>
@TipsyLama (moo)
@Pillow (new ign is pillowmoo)
@Mckellen (thug)


@Mithechoir (keys)
@Khorde (it’s a good this he’s not on here)
@Volcorona (coconuts)
@BMJ (oh no)
@Mattyfatty (small bmj)

Edit: had to comment the rest (Only 10 at a time)


title reminded me of this


Wawawa is the only person you listed that occassionally uses the forums




I know kalle lurks around from time to time so does @Trevor


Damn these names lol, ancient players :stuck_out_tongue:


Trevor wasn’t on this forum for over a year


Are you going off of last comment or post or?



Yes but I mean does that register only post activity or actual logins on the fourms.


pretty sure its logins (or visits if stay logged in)

At least its a different time than the last post


sad YARRRRR didn’t got pinged :frowning:
well at least remmy ping did work, didn’t know he still played :slight_smile:


All that means is that they have a forum account, Remmy was last seen 2016


Good to see that you’re alive




OH MY GOD IT IS KALLE !!!11!!1!!!


Play. I need a someone other than Trent to play with.


busy scouting kazzak.