IGoZoom's PPE Thread - Pt.2


…you guys miss me?


Ok fellas, let’s get this going! So I probably should’ve put up a poll, but I’ve chosen to use rogue for this PPE for a couple of reasons -

  1. I need a final star on the class on my way to the white star
  2. This is a TOUGH class to play, and I feel like I’m up for the challenge
  3. At some point the ST rogue set will come out, and I’d love to grind out that set to parallel the last sorc PPE
    Anyway, lemme hop into it!


didn’t screenshot the wolfskin armor n speed ring but I’m sure you guys believe I got those through my own labor :slight_smile: also I’m sad the obsidian dagger is normal now, oh whale


I’ll tell you guys right now, this PPE is gonna ramp up pretty quick


The bearskin item has to be the plainest item in the game


Yummy yummy sup hp ring. Also, u guys like my skin?


I love love love how this cloak looks, I’m not gonna lie


The graphic updates are gorgeous. My favorite is definitely the abyss, but UDL probably gets second place


Oh sick, a quick ring upgrade. Lv11 and I’ve already got a ring that can last


This new snake ring is lovely! 2 second speed boost is tasty


Mana is nice, but I’d love to get a csilk in the near future.


Speaking of the new abyss, the touch of lava drying up after finishing off Malphas is a great touch


Not part of the PPE, but the ambrosia from the daily login calendar got me my first maxed legendary stat on my pet!


Getting upgrades from O1 is interesting ngl, but I’ll take whatever I can get


Side note, if you don’t clear out manors, start doing so. Even without the secret trooms, there are coffins strewn around the deadends. I got 5 total attack pots from this bad boy (I wish I got a bone dagger as well, but whatever)


Lil dagger upgrade


Last up for the night, I immediately replaced a pbag dagger with a cyan dagger. I told you guys this PPE has been building fast! Anyway, I’m calling it here for the night. Expect pretty consistent updates, hopefully this guy makes it as far as my sorc and you guys enjoy it just as much!


i feeel like you jinxed it lol


You know it. Also bet the first rogue st you get is armor. Also bet you get a Cdirk.


nononono it’s cool I promise