IGoZoom's PPE Thread - Pt.2


Bro if I get a cdirk imma nut. That is the item I want the most in this game, bar none






Alright boys, today was chock full of good PPE action. Starting off with a funky drop, I picked up a random rare farm egg from LOTLL


I feel like you should know better than to sit smack dab in the middle of Oryx’s guardian room… though 5 people dying in one is an interesting turn of events.




Okay, this was literally my 2nd appetizer and I got the tub of lard skin. I’m pulling rank and wearing this new skin, as cool as beachcake is I need the cheesecake on.


Okay, I wish it was a white (specifically the dagger), but a double ST is cool. Plus the sword is 900 FP and now I have the facilities to use the full phantom archer set, so no complaints


Bulwarks are boring but they’re whites so I’m gonna share any I get


I know I said I wanted a white, but I thought I specified the dagger? How rude!


Of all the upgrades I could’ve gotten from a davy’s, I wouldn’t have expected a cloak to be the one.


Okay, if you guys remember from my sorc ppe, I really love expos. On characters with long ability cooldowns I don’t need the extra MP, but I’m going to use it on principle and because it’s prettier than a para HP.


Again, this is one of the most boring whites you can get, but I feel an obligation to include any white bag I get on this PPE.


Let’s goooooooo 1200 FP easy. Although with the wand buffs and priest nerfs, it may be worthwhile to hang onto a DPS centric tome. Oh well, that’s a question for future me.


So one of my guildies @HeroArcher finally got a look at my new look… I think he found it as funny as I did


Okay, if you take a look at my stats you’ll notice how close I am to max on all my stats, so I’ll just include all of my maxing clips right now. Here’s wis…

2nd up is def…

3rd I got attack…

4th is dex…

Another bulwark…

5th is vit…

and finally I got speed, all within 200 fame!


Okay, now we’re talking! Finally got my planewalker after ~40 sprites. Not too shabby!


Okay, opinion time. I really would like to get my paws on some of the construction items for this PPE, are you guys comfortable with me using the campaign in my acquisition of these items or do I need to roll for them? Because I’ve definitely earned enough points on this guy to get those boxes independent of my other characters, but I would understand maybe not considering the campaign a part of the PPE. So what do you guys think?


It would be a shame if I didn’t run a few shatters while the event is live, right? Anyway, I picked up a hydra in this juicy bag.


OKAY BOYS NOW WE’RE TALKING!!! I know I mentioned not needing any extra MP on a rogue, but the rest of the stats on bracer warrant using it over most rings. In a perfect world I would’ve gotten a crown, but damn if this isn’t great too. Also, this is my first ever bracer so that’s pretty great too!


First ever sword rune in the same chain too. I’ve learned my lesson in O3s and won’t be running them for the time being, but it’s still a great drop.