IGoZoom's PPE Thread - Pt.2


I don’t really need this dagger, but I think it looks really pretty and piercing is pretty awesome too.


Okay, this is a very interesting set of drops. I got the ring…

Then the star in the same boss! 2 STs in one boss, pretty neat.


Alright, that wraps it up for the night! Like I said, lots of progress today


campaign is ok

  • Include construction gear in PPE
  • Disclude construction gear on PPE

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(thought this would make it simpler)


I didn’t know you could make polls! Thank u friend, I appreciate it


Lookin good Zoom! Bracer lookin nice


Sah dudes! Not too much loot across the past two days, I think I’ve officially reached the point where upgrades will be scarce.

It isn’t often that I’m disappointed by a colo, but I wish I could’ve gotten the cloak instead.


Now that I’m on a rogue, I find it a lot easier to rush through dungeons I usually didn’t bother with rushing… this time my efforts were rewarded with the waki.


I’ve never gotten the parasite spell before, glad I finally get the chance to use it!


I know I don’t have much proof of it, but I’ve ran a very good number of davys at this point. The fact that it took this long to get the light armor is kinda annoying. Hope I get the dagger soon, cuz it would look really nice with the planewalker n bracer


I feel like snake whites are dropping for me way more often than usual though… maybe that’s where all my luck is going


Hey, I picked up both wlab whites in the same day! Pretty spiffy


At long last, finally maxed mana. Now for life - I’m sure it’ll be a while considering the state of the last halls discords at the moment. No big issue though, I’ve got more loot to get outside of life pots


SPEAKING OF LOOT! I seriously missed out on stingers during the nest event, so I’m glad I got to nab the alien version instead! Regardless, that’s all I’ve got for now. See y’all soon I’m sure!




Aggressive shove


Hello again


SO… I may have perished on my PPE.

I got too confident while rushing an MT and planewalked right on top of the EP guys. But that doesn’t mean the content I’ve got for you guys has to end with him. Even after taking a long break, then having to deal with midterms and getting a new job, I’ve got something else in the works right now.


Okay, so I’ve been wanting to do a PPE on this character for quite some time. Similar to rogue, I think it’s a tough character to play, speedy, a glass cannon, with a ton of fun drops. That’s right, I’m gonna be playing a ninja!