IGoZoom's PPE Thread - Pt.2


I think this is what you should do:
Levels 1-5: get a ray katana
Levels 5-10: get the piercing star that I can never remember the name of
Levels 10-15: get greaterhosen
Levels 15-20: sit in nexus and populated realms saying “rate my ppe” and get frustrated when no one believes you


smart idea! I’ll let you know right now that I don’t quite accomplish that, but I rally like the idea lmao


Considering how not interesting the start of PPEs are, I’ll just speed through the boring stuff right now

Obligatory kendo stick upgrade

I don’t know why I bother to pick these rings up… I never use an attack ring swapout. Ever.

First white just happens to be extremely bad, ring of the sphinx is shit. Didn’t wanna risk getting close to pick it up for a screenshot


I need to start running tombs every time I see them, I always take forever to get max life.


Okay, now THIS is epic. FR tho, this armor is pretty underrated. I’ll take the 30HP it gives over the 2 def it misses out on in comparison to hydra or csilk


ultimate life form activated


I’ll be sharing WC top drops for the time being, might change later but you get them for now.


Obligatory “I wish I was on a melee right now” comment


Those with a keen eye may have noticed I was collecting marks, this was the result frmo the chest.


I’m not sure why I bothered screenshotting this, I never even swapped to hippo once I’m pretty sure.


I may have missed oryx just barely, but at least I got this… really weird bow…


Okay, tell me this isn’t one of the most stacked O2 bags you’ve ever seen. I would’ve loved the ST ring but this is cool too.


Questionable rebranding time!


Hooray, maxed speed! Now I don’t have to bother with running this extremely boring dungeon anymore!


Those with a keen eye also may have noticed the random consumables I recently picked up. I tried running a small guild cult, but ran out of time and decided to eat dinner instead.


Exa HP this early is pretty nice, I gotta say


Usually you won’t find many people who are thrilled to get a jewel eye katana from O1, but I’ll take what I can get for the time being


So when running a spider den for tunnel rat, I picked this thing up. It slows, and it costs half the mana a tiered star does for speedy. That’s pretty busted


The word rapier makes me very uncomfortable, I’m not gonna lie


2/8, but I’m not quite done with libraries yet. There’s a certain armor I’d like to pick up in the near future.