IGoZoom's PPE Thread - Pt.2


Let’s GO, I’ve never had a bloody cloak before! That’s pretty hype.


I’m glad people are finally running janus again, it’s a free pot so IDK why people skipped it for so long.


same with griffin hide, I never switched into it


This robe’s drop rate is way too high for how good it is TBH


is it just me, or is this sprite very, very ugly?



I’m sort of farming for the new ST sets, but I ended up getting a puri before any pieces. It’s a shame it got kneecapped in terms of utility because it’s pretty garbage now.


Another exa HP, and I also maxed def. I really do hope I get a good ring upgrade soon…


This star upgrade is well overdue, I got the t3 star while leveling and finally got an upgrade 2.6k bf in



So on the oryx I had done previously, someone randomly traded me a lucky kendo stick. I didn’t get any oryx upgrades so I considered tossing it, but I used it during this MT and lo and behold, the only item I bothered to run this slow ass dungeon for!


5/8 time!


finished off getting 6/8 with a quest chest obtained from manor marks


Even more manors, first I got the armor… then the ring!


more mark collecting, I picked up a waki for my troubles.


Okay, this ring is very cool but I just don’t need a DPS swapout


I really do like this tome, I’m not gonna lie. Also, remember when I mentioned I wanted a ring upgrade?



I was literally talking about how rare deca rings are as drops (like 1 in 10000 or something it feels like) and I got one. This is my 3rd attempted fungal on this PPE. Lucky kendo sticks work.




I’VE BEEN EXPOSED! For real tho, I don’t remember doing that. Must’ve been a ghost


Haha I saw this on reddit in a post about swords

Person 1: Rapier or A.S.S

Person 2:

I’ll rapier a.s.s