IGoZoom's PPE Thread - Pt.2


cries in doing like 60 oryx castles and not getting a single one, but 3 merlots


So sorry DeeBomb, I didn’t mean to make light of your struggles


laughs in doing probably 10 when I was a noob, but getting 3 of them and dying with them before I figured out that they wre good




Okay friends, I played for like 8 hours today so this is the result of a slow day. First off, I’ve never seen a double def drop like this from an MT, plus exa HP is nice albeit useless now


I have officially gotten all the rings I don’t want from tomb, I got the geb ring in here too but I didn’t bother screenshotting


If I remember correctly I got a rare spooky egg on my sorc ppe, so it’s cool to see it again.


This is lowkey a really good item for O3, when the event was running I used it for throwaway paladins


Okay so I know for a FACT that plenty of great PPEs have held onto these guys for good luck, so I’ve decided to trade in my wooden rod for a bulbous, slimy thing


I’ve just realized that nests are gonna be my key to maxing life. I pretty much get one guaranteed if I run both the boss and troom


Hey, I plan on grinding out a tenne in the near future but if I need a DPS swapout I now have one for the time being.


case and point about maxing life - two life pots in one nest run. Only problem is I don’t feel comfortable soloing them so I need at least a couple people to help me run them efficiently


This oryx was a fun story - I was farming for janus marks and there were only enough people for three lanes so I went back to the uncleared lane with a couple other people to do janus. I got the inc, then ran to O1, which was already completed and people begging for an inc. I run over, pop inc like a HERO, then get top damage.


cries in sorc ppe


I get so many ddocks whites but I’ve never gotten a tricorne. I’m kinda mad about that.


I made a friend in realm! @Utruffles and I ran a few dungeons together, including this cdepths that I finally got 7/8 in.


Okay, this fungal tome drop is sick, but the circumstances in which I picked it up are even more exceptional.

  1. I duoed the back end of the worm mommy with none other than @Hoffster , who also got a white (the shield, which is incredibly cool)
  2. The reason it turned into a duo was the other 10 or so people who went into the boss, including my good friend truffles, either died (which he did :frowning: ) or nexused.
  3. This is my 2nd COMPLETED fungal, and you’ll never guess what I got in the first one.


I finally tried my hand at the new High-Tech Terror dungeon, which seems kinda chaotic. Not a huge fan, but I’ll probably start running them once I get tops from O2 and I have no more need to do anything but the court of oryx dungeons.


ddocks really have been treating me well today. I may have life maxed sooner than I expected.


So when realm clearing, I stumbled onto a private O3 run. I wish I had gotten a screenshot, but I saw another realm celebrity - @Hyeperion . Sadly I didn’t make it all the way through Beisa, I got pinned and decided not to risk it.