IGoZoom's PPE Thread - Pt.2


I TOLD you guys I get tons of ddocks whites. I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong, but I’d totally grind for the pirate warrior set if I got the tricorne.


Finally finished farming for the marks I needed, and was rewarded with nothing of substance - not even a single life pot. I got 4 mana though I think.


where did ya get that deca ?


Fungal. Also @IGoZoom have you joined pest control? They are almost always doing pretty quick best runs, the only thing is there’s a lot of people so often you will only get a greater dex.


I am in pest control, I may start using them once I hit 8/8 so I can do exaltations but for now I’m sticking to in-realm runs


What DeeBomb said, I got it running a fungal earlier


ouuu that ppe is lookin dope man!!


thanks bro, I’m hoping to get some more interesting drops soon. Lots of libraries, sewers and LoDs.


Hello friends, I have a pretty sizeable update for y’all today so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

First off I finally picked up the void blade I’ve been hunting for.
For those curious about how many sewers it took, 45 was the magic number.


Next, I took myself over to the fungal discord to start working on exaltations and crystal ST items. I picked up the cavedweller trap, which apparently is a very good white, but I wished it could’ve been the ST katana instead.


Not the hide armor I was looking for, but this t8-t10 hide armor drop was really funky. I thought it was worth the share.


I forgot these gold bags existed, so I was really confused when I got the drop. Turns out I picked up the pet skin! Pretty cool


FIRST ST GET! This armor has been on my item wishlist ever since the set got released, so I’m so excited that I got it on my PPE. It also means I’ve gotten an armor upgrade for the first time since like 200 fame, which is pretty awesome.


I also farmed some marks from the crystal entity, and the chest, while underwhelming, was still worth sharing in my opinion.


Also, with those last few crystal completions, I’ve officially completed my first ever two exaltations! I really love the concept behind exaltations, and I hope to make some serious progress with this character on them.


Now onto the main event of today - obtaining the oryx weapon and ability from the shard events. I got this concertina from the first ddocks I did…

then FINALLY upgraded my ninja star shortly after.


I wish I could’ve seen the bag, but getting the ST ring drop from the mecha squirrels is pretty hype. Maybe I’ll try grinding out the lotus, it’s all I’m missing for the entire set.


I forgot to screenshot the ddocks one, but I completed both the x8 ddocks and x8 cdepths marks. I didn’t bother with the armor because it’s pretty shit.


Another cutlass while grinding for more marks…


And after dozens of epic dungeon key pops I completed my oryx weapon escapade.
I would call this weapon an upgrade to the kazekiri (it out damages at all defenses), but I’m gonna hang onto the kazekiri for the time being just so I have a weapon that can hit fast-moving targets. For those who don’t know, the oryx katana is like the symbiotic ripper - it has a high rate of fire, but slow shot speed.