IGoZoom's PPE Thread - Pt.2


A couple hours after, and I got all my intern shards as well!

I won’t be hanging onto my t5 star though - it is worse at providing speedy than the spider shuriken is, and the rage claws easily outdamage it.


Finally, here’s a look at the current state of my PPE. My wishlist is still pretty long, but here’s what I’m thinking.

  • I definitely want to get a celestial blade and a ray katana. Celestial for bosses, ray for long range.
    -My star wish list is a long one, but my main concern is the daybreak chakram. It seems to synergize really well with the luminous armor due to the armored buff. I’ll also be grinding for the LoD star and the kageboshi, just not as consistently.
    -Now that I have a luminous armor, I want to also have a high def armor for instances with lots of low damage shots. Armor of nil would be ideal, but a wyrm hide would be solid too (I’d say leviathan hide but I’m not good enough at O3 for the time being).
    -Finally, I have no big ring wants, but I am running high tech terrors just for the chance of getting E.Y.E.
    -Of course I also want the crystal set but that goes without saying.
    Phew, that’s a lot to grind for. I’m excited though, I have plenty of objectives to move towards!


That ppe is looking nice! I still need to get a blade of the assailant. Also this guy a named ItsLuggy has gotten like 29 st traps and 0 pet skins from nests, so I think it’s safe to say it’s pretty rare


Lmao that’s rough, I’m glad I got it as a drop then!


you realise katana drops from crystal
also, armor is getting a buff worth going for it imo
also, fuck you. i just want a cutlass but games says nO
also, where’d there spec go?




Yeah, I always confuse the katana and kunai, just cuz usually the ability is the most difficult drop to obtain. I’ll prob grab the armor then, cuz why not. Also I have no clue how u don’t get a cutlass, I feel like they’re pretty dang common. Lastly, I dropped the spec. I didn’t ever switch into it so I just didn’t bother.


Hewwo bois, I’ve got a lil update for y’all. Lots of nests to start it off, I’m not sure I’ll ever use this armor but it’s a nice drop nonetheless


This armor, however, I absolutely will use. In fact, it’s the only reason I was still running nests, other than exaltations!


next was a wlab chain…

hahaha jk, I just ran a forbidden jungle before oryx. got both the new UTs though! Next PPE might have to be an archer UPE or something


I actually ran this nest in realm and was rewarded with a dominion armor for my efforts.


got a hollyhock hide armor from the wlab chain I mentioned before


I was informed that there will be:

  1. a buff to the oryx armors, and
  2. a ST ring drop
    so I decided I might as well farm the shards. Tomorrow I get the stack from the daily calendar, so I’ll have that armor by tomorrow.


the rest of the drops I got were a slew of Sts, so I’ll do my best to just speed through them. First off was another anointed…


Then, in a tomb in realm, I got the ST ring…

followed by not one…

but two tomes in the SAME TOMB.


Finally, I got a theurgy wand for the first time ever. I’m glad I finally got one, it’s been on my wishlist for quite some time.


Hey friends! Short lil update for y’all today. First up, I got the armor with the daily login thing.


This public shatters I was running didn’t result in much, but at least I got this ring out of it


picking up some marks for more daily quests got me first this lab robe…

then this sseal.


the result of those quests chests?

disappointing to say the least