Ikenoka accidentally the ppe


Doing ppe to practice for seasonal characters + im too broke to gear characters anyways
rules: yes tinkerer yes calendar yes forge no bpass i will only ss upgrades that drop in pbag+ and final pots to max and all white/st bags
probably updated weekly idk we will see


very upset about orb of aether
also i missed mana max but trust it happened in an o3 right after dex max


early update to say that I am ABSOLUTELY FUMING


Simply unlucky

Sadly I died in o3 right after this so here are a few drops from dead seasonal characters

Probably taking a break from posting until I get an actually long lasting ppe


sike here is one last (seasonal) ppe but fr now no more until next season

^^ Forged using the dire and the snake charmer pungi

^^ Forged with burial blades and csilk

retroactively taken ss of death because the moment i died i alt f4 out of the game and went to lie down
i am still learning shatters :frowning:


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