I'm Back! (Not that you care)


So I took a break, basically since summer. I got a glimpse of O3, the ic/ooc pet update, and the “reconstruction” of a bunch of things.
Can someone explain how the forge works? It seemed at first that you need to get blueprints to craft the items, but when I open the forge it doesn’t look like I need them?
Are there any other massive updates I’m missing that I should check out the patch notes for?
Also, is there any way to access mules yet? I didn’t get a chance to consolidate and transfer my items over to my main before flash was discontinued


Some forge item should you start out with


Ohh ok that makes sense. How rare are they compared to the items themselves? Are there UTs without a blueprint that can’t be forged? And are STs forgeable?


St items aren’t forgeable, and several blueprints haven’t been released yet, such as ogmur blueprint. Some blueprints are extremely rare like jugg blueprints, but blueprints for less desirable items are relatively common.


Is there a list of all available blueprints anywhere?




Dang so I wont be able to obtain blueprints for puri and plane since they came and went in an event… :sob:


the blueprints page on realmeye is still a wip.
also, I’m fairly sure the blueprint for planewalker(and other things) is still here, just you need to get it as a drop.


you could use mules before, but deca patched it. now just get a virtual machine/friend


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