Im banned?


Hi there, i cant enter to the nexus “connection error” , and when im loggilg out its says acc banned Wtf?, for what?? and when that ban stop working??


Contact support.


where can i do that? , im cant find it in realmeye


How to contact DECA Support


TY :smile:


If it is ok @moderators should close this now, if you agree, since it isn’t needed anymore


What do you think, @TArenT, has your question been sufficiently answered?


Yeah, tywm :slight_smile:


Im unbanned finaly , thank u all!!! ))


that was less then two hours, you sire are impatient!


im banned for like 5 days now how did u get unbanned


i dont know, i just send email, and after that try to play :slight_smile:


yeah i have send like 5 emails they wont respond to me

EDIT: i just got unbanned :DDDDDD


yeah they just did a wave and got a good number I’m innocent people I heard.


That means your account is banned. You were probably discovered duping, or someone who caught you hacking in a sprite or something sent the file to deca because you said “stfu i’m not paying you” and they sent it :stuck_out_tongue:


@MrLoaf DECA just bans people for fun, I submitted a bug complaint to Deca and I got banned and unbanned 6 times throughout that week


Why the hell would they do that?


@Mynamerr same people who use automated messages, don’t help you recover your account upon hack, charge you 70 dollars for 50 dollars worth of gold… why not?

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What are you talking about?

B/c that would mean less profit for Deca and a higher risk of Deca going bankrupt and a job loss for the support people.


K, reason i got banned and unbanned a bunch is because I said i needed to change my email or else i would keep getting hacked again and they were like “okay, since they have your acc we’ll ban it” and i was like “no, i have my security questions, change my fucking email” and they were like “what about your paypal purchases” and i was like “sure here you go” and they were like “oh, there was a chargeback, could not confirme” and i was like “fuck this shit” and they were like “banned. wait, unbanned, wait banned…”