I'm making my own Dark Mode for Realmeye (Released for public use.)


Here’s a Little Preview what it looks like. :slight_smile:
Chrome Store Link
Firefox Store Link


I would LOVE to see this. Seeing the default bright white mode makes my eye hurts.


I really like the look of that dark mode, you did/are doing a nice job. My only question is, what do you have against the build in realmeye dark mode?


how do you do that. I have been wondering how to change the css of websites for a long time. So long in fact I forget why!


what built in dark mode


If you click on your picture in the top right, click your username, then go into preferences and then interface, you can turn on realmeye dark mode.


that’s only for forum, not base realmeye


I use my own Extensions to modify site CSS and did the same with this.


wait then don’t you need the extention to make it permanent? Cause changing the css through the inspector is temporary.


Yes it is an extension and it just got approved to Firefox so now its on Chrome and Firefox Store.


I got it released now. :slight_smile:


could you point me in directions of where I could learn to make one of those extentions. I already know basic css and i know html


You can add me on discord Jari#9999 and I can show you how you can make an Extension that modifies website CSS or you can download my source code from github and see from that.


I don’t have access to my disc rn. I’m overseas and Discord detects a new login location. My email detects it too but I don’t have a phone to verify.


Alright you can see from the source of my realmeye extension how I have made it https://github.com/notJari/realmeye-plus and I can explain better when you are back from overseas on discord.


Just use a browser with built in dark mode 5head.


It also works but some of them might be buggy and I wanted to bring this for people whose browser doesn’t have this feature.


buuuuttttt chrome and firefox i’m pretty sure already has dark mode and the extentions are for chrome and firefox