I'm sad that my skin didn't make it in the contest [Feedback please]


Hey guys it’s me again. If you didn’t know already, DECA has finished picking out the top 20 player made skins for the contest. I was hoping maybe mine would have a chance but sadly “reality is often disappointing.”

This is my skin that I submitted (trickster class):

Here are some of the variants I’ve made but chose not to submit:
muay%20thai martial%20arts%20grandmaster

It was based off of the muay thai Lee Sin skin from LOL. The walking animation might seem a bit goofy but I kind of tried to imitate how a muay thai fighter moves around in the ring in an actual fight.

What do you think? What are some of your suggestions? Would you want this skin yourself?


Once I understood what it was, it was pretty cool but the thing is the sprite contest is for sprites that would then be sold and in that case, you only get one view of that sprite so you’re sprite would be hard to sell…


changed the title so people scrolling through can see this and give their two cents.


The skin i have submitted probably had the same problem, it’s just not complicated / detailed enough. Most of top 20 skins have high contrast and/or a lot of colors and details.


It’s important not to have too many colors, but yeah, I see your point :+1:


I really like your concept. Could you move the bandannas up a pixel so that there would be room for eyes? It was hard to read at first.

Also, warrior would be a better class for this.


But he’s blindfolded


I mean, I like it, but nothing stood a chance against things like Sans and the train knight


He might have to sacrifice references for readability.


…if im not wrong thats a wood plank… right…?


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