I'm worried about my Daily Calendar


Well, I care because I have 1 main and 19 mules. So I was potentially going to have 20 Silver Mystery Skins, most of which are NOT soulbound. I was gonna get mad rich off selling 20 skins! Ya know?


That’s actually happened to me before, the calendar carrying over a little bit.


Hey @moderators how was @MessltUp able to change the topic of this post? I thought only the post creator could do that?



Moved it to #academy:questions-answers, because it’s that, not a game discussion.

I did not edit the title of the post, if that’s what you were implying.


Make mules bannable daca its not fair😂 Jk, and holy shit 19 mules?


I use the 19 mules mainly for vault chests and their invs to store stuff. But, I sometimes use them to farm pots when I die on my main.


Hmm I have 0 mules lol maybe I should make a few… but you should combine them all to make a multiboxer cuz hax are cool


This was a joke btw, pls don’t ban me dekker xD


Multiboxing isn’t as easy as people think. If you don’t have certain codes then the characters separate VERY FAR after only a few steps.


Wether you know what will happen or not, its not gonna change the outcome, soo this post cant help you m8.


By the topic, I meant “game discussion” being changed to “academy/questions and answers.” Heck, if you changed the title I’d be convinced you are Swatsec or someone like that. Lol!


We can edit titles too fyi. Just not something that’s encouraged, usually done for clarification purposes.


If you didn’t get the clear answer, what is happening is you are logging on late in the evening your time, but the server is already into the next day. You are right that Server Time is 4 hours ahead of EST. So when you say in your post “it is September 15th 10:28 EST” the server is on September 16th 02:28AM.

If you log on around that time every day, you will have missed one day, maybe even the 1st Sept if it was already into the early hours of 2nd Sept on Server Time, it would have still ticked 1 as you were on total days = 1.

tl;dr: no, you won’t be able to accrue 30 logins for the full calendar this month.

The calendar display is crap design. It’s misleading in many ways. It could put a big red X onto the final day if you can’t qualify due to a missed day, or colour in all the possible maximum days you can reach. Seems they’ve learned and made a countdown timer on the Daily Quests, that would be an improvement for the Logon Calender. Contact Deca might be worthwhile to try and get changes made to the display design.


I did that very electromagnetic and electricity activity in 8th grade…


most of those skins arent worth much anymore…


Well this is an online class through my local community college. Lol.


I know man. But I always see people trying to sell them for 4-6 Life. So I figured I’d sell them at 1 or 2 Life a piece. At 1-2 Life a piece, they would sell like water before a hurricane. Lol.


Thank you @Nevov! You always say EXACTLY what needs to be said! Your response is the answer I was looking for! :sun_with_face:


I swear, I am considering just reposting this on the 29th of every month.


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