[image] [NEW 9/12: Ghost Of Skuld!] Here's some of my RotMG art!


Now that I’m cool enough, fear my image spam! :smiley:

(Drawing) Onyx Shield of the Mad God
My Etherite drawing~ :D
A nub's spritedump
The Regular Bridge
Spook, a Sorcerer skin by Xaklor
Best of the Best Nominations - December 2017

Wow great work, how did you make that?


These are fantastic, keep them coming!


Woah. I like your really high quality draws. You should add more draws from gallery here! x3


Fantastic! Keep it up man!


Predict 1k likes on this post. <3 xoxo


Really really cool.


This is beatiful work! I’d love to see more!


Amazing. Would really like to know what application you used to draw these.


he uses photoshop


Woah! Very very very nice!


You are very talented.
Take this :cookie: :


Awesome stuff as always, VRT.

Here’s the old thread on the original forum, in case anyone wants to dig up some history: http://web.archive.org/web/20130430134856/https://forums.wildshadow.com/node/149897


Thanks for the link, Doc!


I love that style! It looks just awesome.


They’re beautiful and poignant! Reminds me of the old drawings BMJ whipped up on the WS forums ages ago!


Epic it looks like real life ROTMG


You’re art style is too cool. drools


Great work


Tricksy trickster! Made for a particular user; hence the dyes. :slight_smile: