[image] [NEW 9/12: Ghost Of Skuld!] Here's some of my RotMG art!


You missed the swag hat and white bag. Fantastic job though haha.


Are you planning on making fan art for all time classes, that’d be awesome lol

hint hint


I’ll be basically drawing what I feel like, whether that’s gods, players or events… Of course, like in the instance of the trickster, I can be persuaded to draw all kinds of things through donations :stuck_out_tongue:


wow this nice art


Looks Really Sick,Love It Man o.O(Liked)


Pentaract one is very nice. I like seeing arts of the enviorment like this.


More art is coming soon! I just got finished with a user avatar for someone, and am now committing myself to memorializing my poor 3/8 archer.

I reckon I should set up a strawpoll to see what to draw next…


This dazed and confused rogue has made his way around these forums already! I’ll admit he looks a bit stupid.


Really creative.


I knew he didn’t make it himself haha! fantastic as always!


ugh I don’t like waiting ;-;



How do you do this so fast!?!


But BMJ is the sexiest


Lovely art… Your work is great


Derp derp derp


@verticae I love all your art, what are you working on next :>


I don’t have anything in particular I’m working on. Feel free to throw out some suggestions! :smiley:


Dr terrible please


This one is quite amazing, very well done