[image] [NEW 9/12: Ghost Of Skuld!] Here's some of my RotMG art!


Find out how this man quotes the whole OP, mobile users hate him.




Oh wait I see you put comments, doesn’t matter.


Intriguing commentary. Really highlights you being a giant dick quite well.


You calling some of these bad erks me to no end, please, make some art


Well i just said what i like what i don’t
Is this a crime?
Sure i can delete it if you want


Simply saying one demeaning word toward a piece of art that took many hours is just insulting.


There, done.
Funny that if i said everything by cool noone would be mad


damn awesome my dude


I think the blue woman one is Nut, since you can see the big silhouette of Bes in the background. Also for the Forgotten King one I think the lava is out of frame, since it’s behind the pillars, but there should still be lasers or the guardians, I agree. That might make the image too busy though. Also I agree with you that some are better than others, for example the Rogue one isn’t that great IMO. I think it’s supposed to be a Rogue under dazed and confused conditions, hence the two symbols over his head and the different eyes.


It’s still pointless and has no reason to be said, however how is that funny? that is normal.


It’s @Stupidity


It was actually meant to represent @Fatuity, my old tombing rogue (in the graveyard now).

I requested the pic when these forums came online because it was apparent that I was going to have to set something as a user card and profile pic. I have never had any use/need for user flair before.

I chose the rogue because I think the happy face bandana rushing rogue represents many of my favorite memories in realm. I also specifically requested the dazed and confused symbols because I thought they were consistent with the “Stupidity” persona in a similar manner to the definition “devoid of reason or knowledge”. This ties the persona further into the game


Welcome back Vert! Haven’t seen you post in a while.

Keep on making way more awesome art!


but… Why did you change your picture to that slime whatever??






More people need to see this~


These are amazing… keep doing what you do :grinning:


Thank you all so much for your feedback over the last year, guys!

Sadly (for this thread, anyway), I’ve landed a job that’s been taking up most of my time and involves a good level of art and design. When it comes to making art for fun, I’ve been focusing on taking my camera out onto the many hiking trails in the PNW. Sorry if you sent me a PM and I missed it - it’s nothing personal, promise. :slight_smile: