[IMAGES] Ghost of Skuld Waifu Version! (My Fan art collection)


Why theie breast large?




it just weird though why they girls anyway? Is it just making men wanting girls?


Did you just assume everyone’s gender and/or sexual orientation?


Assuming in 2018 SMH


Umm, All of them are girls, what do you mean?


for everyones sake, someone perma mute him


It’s just art.
Pretty and cool art that is not nudity, not gore, or anything else illegal/disturbing - unless you experience dysphoria regarding your chest, in which case I do wonder why you’d click on this thread to begin with.

For future reference, if you’re being sarcastic, end your post with a “/s” to let everyone know you were being non-serious :)

If we turns this around, we get “Things for patting are lolis”.
By that definition, I, too, am a loli.
Pwease pat .w.


Oof, it hurts because it’s true.


*pat *pat *pat :wave:
:running_man: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud:


it’s been too long my friend. i want to see some dreadstump pussy.


Well someone’s been reading Craftable’s comics…


Nice fan art :smiley:


What. A. Pervert.


Nobody tell Gaod.




and its NSFW , topless . Pornography in any kind even in “waifu” as people with

brain retardation or complete perverts , anime fanboys use

. Is bannable on forums .


Fapping to pixels and art, this is truly the 21st century.


Don’t know what I expected when I opened this thread named this, but basically I have now lost all hope in humanity. Thanks for nothing


@lavendula if u stilll play im sorry for making ur fan art alive again by saying it weird it ok but change some stuf if u can