IMPORTANT: Best of the Best nominations [finished]


It has been brought to my attention that the #ideas:best has been largely untouched for a very long time and only contains a tiny handful of threads. Should that be the case? This is where you guys come in.

Now I know this has been attempted before, but I actually plan to follow through with it this time. reply here with links to any #ideas topic you think is worthy of being sent to best of the best. Alternatively, you may also reply stating that none of the ideas put forth here are worthy and that we shouldn’t put anything so paltry next to the best this forum allegedly has to offer. I doubt the majority of you will feel that way, but if that ends up being the case then I see that as a valid course of action as well.

Now, while I do intend to follow through with my promises of more best of the best promotion, the available time window for nominations will be pretty hefty to give everyone who has an interest to get their word in. I will probably set up an official poll in about a month, possibly even two if this thread doesn’t gain enough attention. When it comes time to actually make the poll using these nominations I’ll hopefully be able to close it within a week by abusing mod privileges to spam ping everyone who nominated a topic to get their attention, but we’ll have to see how that works out when the times comes.

Not sure what is and isn’t a good topic? You can check the old nomination thread for anything people thought was worthwhile back then, but you can also check out the top all time threads for ideas. I will have to make one clarification though and that is I will not be accepting shitpost nominations, no matter how good they were (sorry square set).

Hopefully at the end of this there will be there will be enough community support to warrant one or two new additions to best of the best, but if you have any other thoughts or feedback on the category feel free to put them here as well!



I really think the Lost Halls deserves a chance. I’m still waiting for the day DECA decides to implement it into the actual game. Really disappointed that it didn’t make an appearance yet.


Half self-promotional here, but my Sky Sanctuary and Puffa’s Elder Realms are arguably some of the best contenders to get into the Best of the Best spot. And that’s bias aside, I think these two are just both really dang good.


Guill Final Secret Boss


Alright, ill add a few that I’ve seen that have stood out to me.

@Puffagod has already had a few ideas on best of the best, but at least to me, this is even more deserving of it. Its still being updates, but there is so much detail and references, and it in general is a great idea that I personally would love to see in the game sometime.

This is a more recent Idea, but @LaenAwesom made a wonderful idea, a unique cloak that isn’t overpowered, and would have its uses. It is also an item that would be fun to use. Alien abilities are items that I don’t think we need, but would be a good addition, and if they are all this unique, I would love to see 15(soon to be 16) new abilities in the game.

Now these next ideas are my own, so I’m sorry if its a little biased.

This was a ninja st set that I made, and I’ve got to say, I got really drawn in to making this. I tried to make each piece as unique as possible, while still being usable. The entire set was built off of creating lost souls that give you different buffs depending on what you have equipped. It was really made to work very well with the full set, and to be passive ability focused.

Some of the sprites here were a bit rushed, but It was more focused on the idea itself. It was my attempt at a new endgame type of wepon, one that is fully customizable, while still being good, and with the work to obtain it balancing it out.


Man that’d be super cool. I bet a 1:1 release would work flawlessly too, and it would never need any changes or revisions. Someday!


This slightly goes against my nature, but since others have suggested their own ideas I feel it is not unwarranted… it is the toil of several years (and I’m still working on it!), so worth a try I suppose! C:

@Sturky’s Sky Sanctuary is also rather delectable…

Good luck unto all!


I only have a single humble item set that is supposed to be from a full dungeon, but here we are.

I put a lot of time and effort into making unique ideas to make the set special and how to make the set usable for anyone who uses it while still being balanced.

The sprites were also redone many times with the recommendation of the community, especially @GammaGamer, and the stats led to many a convincing argument to tweak things here and there throughout the whole set.

It may not have the sheer enormity of some of these other contenders, but this little guy has got a fighting spirit to him!

It’s my first set as well, so of course I’d be happy for it to be honored this way


Well, Since of course all of my ideas are amazing and super duper well thought out and would be great for the game, I would propose my really old idea on familiars:

“jokes” aside, I would totally be for my “non” joke thread of T0s to be nominated.

@Textbook’s idea for tutorial quests is also really good

@GammaGamer’s Cryptic Rift is pretty good as well

I finally found @CrystalPX’s Sorcerer’s Tower, and its pretty great even now.


Off topic, but this thread is a gold mine for cool ideas that I either forgot or never saw

Bless this community


sergierekt’s samurai class 10/10 humour


I’m nominating the Elder Realms, work on this is amazing and would be sacrilegious not to nominate it. Deca hire puffagod!

ELDER REALMS: An Endgame Idea by Puffagod


This idea was really good too

Simple and sweet, like the status depletion idea also in best of best


so it’s been a month and there doesn’t seem to have been much interest in the subject. definitely going to have to leave it open for another month to get more attention. I think there’s been enough nominations to work with, but nominations alone aren’t what’s needed. because if very few people care about the subject, that means that very few people care about the subject. tautological, yes, but still an important point.

I will still follow through at the end of this second month, but I will also probably never bother with this again. not until a proper resurgence of #ideas interest comes up, anyway.


i care about the subject uwu





I think it’s more that there’s a relatively small population the game that uses the forums, let alone realmeye! For those of us that have been doing the game for a while, this place seems like the other half of the game, but I’m taken aback by how few people actually know of it’s usefulness or mere existence. It’s not like I see a lot of people talking about it in game beyond other guilds (even then), which is another reason I try to adopt new players into my guild earlier in their career. To teach them the fundamentals.

I don’t know though. I can direct and inform, but I’m not the super social type.


another month passes :cricket:

at the very least, this confirms my suspicions about activity in #ideas. alright then here’s your poll with all nominated threads. vote for the one you think most deserves to be in best of the best! it should go without saying, but please try not to vote for your own thread if you’ve been nominated.

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and here’s the same poll again, but this time vote for the one you think comes in second place. if there is a clear majority on the runner-up then I will add this one to best of the best as well.

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as promised, I will now ping everyone who commented on this thread in an attempt to hurry this along. I’ll take a look at the results in a week or two and assign BotB status accordingly.