Improving Fame utility


I know you are passionate about this idea of yours. For some people it might be great, others no. Myself I think this is a pay to win ranking coming from a free2play player. I only have 7 char slots. Think about others. How do you think this is going to help the game?


This is a solid point. Admittedly, I do not have an answer for this, especially when the mere idea is considered complete in the perspective of the current fame meta. Yes, the account that you, Trimaxgame, have is only capable of red star, in the current fame meta. But, considering the star chart in this thread, less than 1% players (0.002%) even manage white star. They probably are the ones with more than necessary character slots. Simply put, this suggestion will deem red star the top star, which is seemingly more acquirable. Consequently, orange, yellow, and white star will become extremely formidable ranks.

Granted, post-change would base ranks on concurrent base fame, which perhaps isn’t feasible, considering the current fame meta requiring players to accumulate fame across different slots during different periods of time. I find that the number of players that have the necessary slots for (current) white star is severely overestimated. So, I expect orange stars and higher to be even less, post-change.

As mentioned, the change is to make fame a more dynamic system that responds to concurrent players and the realm’s fame rate. This thread addresses fame’s utility rather than its development. As far as I’m concerned, fame only has 4 purposes: ranks, dyes, equipment, and the occasional leaderboard. Yet, there are several other nexus items that definitely capture free2play player’s attention: Pet food, skins, and, most importantly, keys. To elaborate on the quick band aid for keys, a fame bonus, “Fame key purchases” (excuse the lack of creativity), are accounted for post-death. For example, I buy x key for y fame and y fame is granted upon death.

I believe this can promote more engaging gameplay overall because activity and skill will be rewarded.

Yes, a paywall exists, albeit temporarily, but I think every player agrees that the paywall is unavoidable in any game the runs, or rather functions, on microtransactions. That being said, I find it a completely unfair assumption that I would have the solution for such conditions.


An not so extreme version might e better for the game (even though how it is right now is just fine for me) Maybe stars resetts every 6 months instead. I’m not too keen on the paywall side of things because rank represents experience and not cash spent.


How about instead of talking about how this effects the game, we talk about how this effects real life

There is already people addicted to this game that can’t get out of it, it’s a very demanding mmo that eats into some people’s lives, things like events and daily rewards already make people feel guilty for not playing during those times, but if you lose game over time, no matter how slowly, that’s going to make the demand of the game much higher as well as the guilt of not playing

I don’t care if people keep their star ranks or not, I don’t care how it effects gameplay or how hard it is get to get white star, but when a suggestion has results that are blatantly unethical in the effects it’s to going to have on the lives of actual humans who’ve already found themselves trapped in an mmo and spending way way too much time on it, yeah no, this is a terrible idea


I would prefer if the 5th rank for each class would only be obtained by buying it for ingame Gold!



The decay will force players, especially those that idle 15k base fame and use only throwaways to “maintain” their white star, to play those idle slots. If throwaways base fame decay, there is more play, thus, more death. Additionally, base fame key purchases aren’t exactly cheap. they’re priced to surpass the _dynamic_rate of fame game to avoid abuse. These two features in conjunction enforces an idea that extra slots won’t equate to guaranteed higher ranks.

I believe character slots and vault space, at the very least, coupon variations, should also be for base fame purchases.

This is an extremely broad perspective of a game, as you have mentioned so forth, hyperfocused into this thread’s suggestion. On one side, some feel guilty. On the other side, some people choose other games over this realmo; et cetera, et cetera. There are a lot of variables to consider when talking about addiction.

It seems that addiction you’re claiming are already existing features. I would like to know what possible stresses you see for this thread’s suggestion, considering your second point.

Lastly, the rates are not finalized and I have stated that they should be dynamic. At the current state of realmo, base fame key purchases or decay will be fair for everyone - as it would going forward. In fact, I would even suggest to increase base fame gain rate.


well I thought about it this way. The game has no stars and you can buy stuff with fame.


More or less the same conditions realmo has now, without the base fame purchases. Which this thread suggests other features to maintain the staple system of ranks.


@Koez, I think nameness means addiction as in the drug addict/alchoholic/gambler kind of addiction.
except the addicts are addicted to playing a certain video game, and that could mean any video game.
then again, I’m just a random schmuck on the internet, so I could be wrong about this.

anyway, I’ll ask you a question. are all addictions good or are they all bad?


Any addiction, as a disease, is bad.

Regarding Nameness and players missing events or, more specifically, daily rewards, I find the notion of sought-after rewards placed at the end of the calendar unhealthy.


yeah, that’s what I was talking about, mmo addictions can get real bad suprisingly, you can go find stories of people who poured years of their life into WoW despite the fact that they weren’t even enjoying it or wanting to play it anymore, and decay mechanics, like the one mentioned, put that kind of addiction on steroids since it increases the self-imposed guilt of not playing by punishing you for not playing


Again, base fame decay is not as fast or punishing as it seems. It was intended to regulate players with slots idling at fame way past 5 ranks, which will maintain at 15k should the slot fully idle. More specifically, those able to purchase daily quest chest resets. Alas, this mechanic doesn’t necessarily need to be included. I intended it to have players play their idle slots. Players can’t die if they don’t play.

As for WoW, a lot of players have disclosed their feelings based on recent actions Blizzard has taken. However, many players continue.


the only thing this would do would make players stop playing on characters the second they get to 15k base and never take them out again. it would also make white star (which is already stupidly difficult to get as it stands, so much so that only 81 players have it) even harder to get for pretty much no reason at all. this suggestion might have made sense before the star rework, but as it stands this would be an incredibly redundant addition. it would be like if they made exaltations take 4x as many dungeons. such a small amount of the playerbase can ever get to that point as it stands so what purpose does it serve to make it any more difficult?


This sounds like an idea that a worse MMO would implement, and I think some of the backlash you’re getting stems from the fear that this is something DECA would benefit from and something that isn’t outside of the realm of possibility.

I agree with more things being purchasable with fame (my focus would be more towards a guild rework with death fame there, but whatever). I don’t agree with fame decay and especially star rank decaying with it. It seems like a way to force players into a cycle of fame farming. It puts the people who grinded for their white star back when the rework came out into the same situation perpetually.


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