In need of a few clips or pictures


So. weird request but, i need a couple of drop clips that i for one reason or another can’t find anywhere
The clips should be from the flash era and not on unity… real hard request there. if any can help it would be appreciated
-Reskin puri (the easter event. dropped from the wine cellar)
-reskin sakurai waki (also easter event)
-Reskin Tshot (the bow that you could get with easter eggs. did it actually drop ingame? i think not but i might be wrong)
-the red bee quiver (can only find yellow and blue)
-Halloween vile trap ( i don’t know if this existed pre unity as a drop)
-Halloween cdirk reskin (same as vile trap. no idea if it dropped)
-Halloween conflict reskin (same.)
-pumpkin jugg (this surely dropped before unity. but i deleted my clip of it. can’t find it anywhere now)
-the three UT lutes. i don’t know if they dropped on flash or not
Again. any help would be appreciated <3


Good luck finding clips, why are you looking for em?


Have been trying to make a very extensive montage of sorts. planned this like 7 months ago and my laptop decided to commit unlive. so i’m starting back from scratch


have you checked germany clips for red bee? I’d assume the halloween event whites drop in place of their reskinned counterparts, though I’ve only seen juggs. the lutes did indeed drop on flash.


i think it would help to specify what kind of clips. like of the item itself dropping? or a little gameplay showcasing it? or maybe something else i didn’t mention


I mean drops. thought i did specify that.
@Twitchystr imma do a quick recheck. and yea same i’ve farmed to hell and back and only got the jugg. and never saw and other event white drop last halloween
I was about to brush the lutes under the carpet :frowning: well… i still might do just that


Im fairly certain I have a red bee quiv clip/pic from a keyper somewhere if that is fine :thinking:


Are these what you are looking for?


Beggers can’t be choosers <3 but now i have to find the tomb lute drop
@Twitchystr i cannot believe this. there actually was a clip in the 1 year anniversary hyeperion editted. whaat.
@tehjulppu red quiver secured <3 but if you have any other clip you’d like to contribute that’d be awsome. feels bad leaving someone that wanted to help out (even if each clip is like. 0.2 sec to 1.4 secs max ;-; haha. rip my GPU)


Also to add, yes im 99% sure atleast conflict and jugg reskin dropped in flash era during halloween events