In need of reef solo tips or help


Yo! My guild is having a ppe contest where the winner is the person who gets the best looking set (regardless of how viable it is, voted on by guild). Unfortunately I chose to attempt a green wizard and the set is likely more ambitious than I would have liked–specifically the spell. The issue im having rn is the spell. The ideal spell for my ppe is the ST spell from reef and my backup spell is the shatters pierce spell which realistically I could grind for into oblivion. My question is how would you go about soloing reefs on a wizard? I watched Talwar’s guide video which is actually pretty helpful but I’m thinking my only consistent method is to farm holy waters to save me from a paralyze or sicken ruining the run.


imo if you’re gonna be farming janus reefs… probably not worth the time it’ll take to get the spell. if keys, why not bring some people along :^)

but as for your question, you seem to recognize why you’re nexusing (paralyze/sicks), so you should concentrate on learning how to dodge those. i can’t tell how maxed your wiz is but you should probably max it before solo grinding the spell.

all the solos i’ve seen before are pre vital combat, but i’m sure they’re valuable to look at e.g.

(petless one, might be helpful)


Oof. Wizard isn’t the most ideal class for Reef (coming from someone who’s been doing them a fair bit, in an attempt for that cute trix skin…bleh), but it’s got a few neat qualities that prevent it from being completely helpless.
On the upside, you’ve got long range, so you can snipe Gold Cnidarians from further away. Additionally, the Royal Cnid’s always stationary at the middle of a tile, so just spam away in its vulnerable phases.
Downsides are of course your general squishiness and lower speed, but most importantly, lack of CC for the last phase (unless you somehow got a Fungal Spell already, or want to try to use Esben Staff).

The paralyze is best avoidable by keeping your distance from the Royal Cnid when possible, and constantly moving when you’re taking in air. Note when it starts its spam, wait it out, then go in for air.

As for its final phase, killing the minions is key above all else. Start out around the middle of the arena, and try to find a spot that’s the least densely packed with minions, then start clearing from there. The Royal Cnid will try to go towards your current position every so often; lead it into a spot away from the air bubbles, then move back from there. Once again, keep your distance to be juuust out of reach for a paralyze.

As for the rotating tentacle phase, I like to start on the westmost air vent, standing slightly to the north. A tentacle will start just slightly south of it, so you’ll have plenty of time to spam spellbombs. Just remember to not stand on the edge of an air vent; the pink Cnid’s shots can reach you if they’re circling just a tad too close.


Just providing an update for everyone who helped me out: ghost rum and holy water work miracles for solo runs!


If you are worried about paralyze then you can stand on the edge of the air vents and get air without getting paralyzed.


Looks like you are getting the hang of it, anyway. If you are doing Janus reefs you are most likely wasting your time. I used to do reefs every chance I got and I have yet to get the spell. It takes so long to close a realm and get to janus, just for the chance to still be absurdly low since there are people who chain keys and would be loaded if it had a decent drop rate.


Does anybody have tips for Pirate Cave I’m currently trying to solo it on my 4/4 warrior but I had many times I had to nexus.


yes. watch out for the bos. he hurts @AnxietyX


Ya got that Shield Rune as a reward of that solo?


nah I got it right before from some event God


Dawg Talwar made a Pirate Cave Video last April. Check it out!


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