Incorrect max mp on a new wizard just created


I have 3/5 exaltations on MP on my wizard. I have just decided to create another wizard, and it seems that the exaltaions is actually giving me 3 points and not 15.
I tried restarting my game as well as going through some portals and picking other chars.
On my main wizard this bug doesn’t happen, and I have 400 MP


It’s exaltation glitch. Your wizard is probably not maxed mp, it probably has 373 mp, and then the exaltations kick in and it looks as if it’s maxed.


Ohh I see. Let me try and drink some potions


Yup, you’re right. The “stats left to max” and the yellow color itself isn’t updated for when you have exaltations. I drank another 3 mana pots and it was fine. Thank you


Always happy to help :wink:


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