Incorrect stats shown in character selection menu


It said 8/8 but wis isn’t maxed yet. It was fixed after I jump on another character and looked back at the menu.

Character List Not Showing Correct Stats
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The only time I noticed a similar glitch recently was when I tried consuming my 8 candies on my pirate warrior st set at L1. My spd and dex were rigged, even after I consumed an instant level maxing potion. It looked like I was gypped of 2 of my candies (I was prepared for this, so I wouldn’t have been mad; it was for science!), but when I reset the game, it fixed itself

I had first assumed this was just because that particular set offers negative spd and dex, and that that was a side effect, but maybe there’s an actual bug contributing to everyone’s chars now?


Well in this case yeah, nothing unusual with this wizard. It was potted up without the candies, and it wasn’t affected by the stat changes in the recent update, so I don’t really see any reason for this glitch (other than maybe that I have another 8/8 wizard that is 8/8).


Let’s see what others have to say about this.


I’ve encountered a similar glitch as well and it’s probably close to XBookwyrmX’s case since it’s related to ST sets. Sometimes, the character selection screen shows the 8/8 ST characters as standard 8/8 characters with standard 8/8 stats. By standard 8/8, I’m referring to an 8/8 character with stats when no set bonuses are applied at all(only stats from equipments themselves) and just the skin before using ST set is applied to it.

edit: errors
more errors


Well just for reference, this particular wizard has not ever worn an ST set.


I think it’s a simple visual bug due to the way the game interprets your stats. I don’t actually know how it works, but this is how I believe it plays out:

  1. The game checks your class: Wizard
  2. The game looks up the max base stat values for Wizard: 75 att, 25 def, etc.
  3. The game then checks your Wizard’s current stats; if they are at or above the “max stat” value, the stat is considered “maxed”
  4. The game counts the amount of maxed stats, and displays the X/8 counter accordingly

At step 3 is where it goes wrong: rather than checking your current base stats, it checks your stats including equipment bonuses! This means that those 8 wis from your equipment, boosting your wis above 60, makes the game interpret wis as “maxed”.

Why did it then get fixed after switching between characters? Likely a re-calculation, using the correct parameter (like, “STATS_CURRENT_BASE” instead of “STATS_CURRENT_TOTAL”).


Bump this bug seems to have gotten worse with the new update, or idk, at least it had shown 3 characters all with incorrect stats…


Now the character selection screen shows that my knight is 7/8 and needs 56 mana potions to max, which actually is just 8/8. The numbers are so random I can’t even relate to anything.


mine is the same. it says im 7/8 when all my stats are yellow saying its maxed… bit annoyed because im not getting any o3 exaltations…!


Woah! I was wondering if this would actually affect people’s exaltations… I meant to test it out… If that’s really the case, I think this is a pretty huge bug. I’ll be trying to watch to make sure all my exaltations are going through.


Having this issue as well, really confused me a few times.


Bump, another new issue appeared for me due to the life exaltation, and this one can actually mess a person up when they are trying to get more exaltations. I have 1 life exaltation, and it shows my hp as maxed with yellow text, even though I am 1 life pot short to actually max:

I would not get any exaltations (if I was 8/8 otherwise) if I trusted this yellow text showing I was maxed… This is worse than just the character selection menu.

Edit: After popping the 1 life pot needed:

@ devs…


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