InfamousX Trash PPE thread v2 (ORIGINAL CONTENT)


I have never died in a void :stuck_out_tongue:


but infamous didn’t die to void on that character


oh no my
PMPE died somehow

its not like I went into janus and suicide
Now I can start Mundane Player Experience instead!
I did it for the meme, now to play a actual good ppe…


if you die to janus you suicided


no what happened was that I press ‘w’ and game wanted ‘w’ so it made me die.



evil water is void, i think, im pretty sure im wrong now cause its in ddocks


pure evil is void/lhs and shatts (but shatts one dont do damage) and evil water is ddocks


A guildie told me to do it no balls
But I’m sad because the boss was on final phase and was almost dead
Also saw JohnMH in that nest, weird because John quit so that means hes also fake like me



My turn.
Edit: Ez
@Darkawaii ur next.




I had this clover for a long time in my inv, I still haven’t used it lmao


try do a pacifist pally next bruh




What? :hugs:


yes you will!


Confuses are scary
I got gang banged to a insta pop by many minions


Mundane PPE’s will come back this weekend.


pacifist pally when kiddo