InfamousX Trash PPE thread v2 (ORIGINAL CONTENT)


Ebic Life pot drop I also got esben skull before this wlab but its not worth the screenshot

Ebic Life pot drop

Ebic Mystery Pot Loot

Esben Got Insta-Death

Ebic Life pot drop

Also I am back from the dead because I was pinged twice so I am just gonna post this current ppe


I shall summon thy @InfamousX @InfamousX @wfgithbyjnkmujydgyt65iu4ktnbvy


You can only summon me once, you must wait 24 hours before summoning me again


@InfamousX yeeet


watchu showin heer sir


Esben getting insta and veng drop


that aint insta if they dont kill him while invul smh


it is a insta, it was lagging hard af, and he died somehow
Edit: You can see the prismimic starting to flash


i dont see it im colorblind


I feel like your trolling me but gonna show you it anyway
Here you gowo


i dont see it im colorblind2x


smh I knew it




imagine being able to play the game without getting dc every time boss dies



Gonna take a break again
So uh yeah


Awww. :frowning:


You said we can summon you once a day right well.
@InfamousX @InfamousX @InfamousX
You are probs taking a nap rn / sleeping and I can’t get you brother to wake you up rn so
my last try tonight.


I have been summoned
but I am going back to sleep, I just woke up lul


Well yeah same gn