InfamousX Trash PPE thread v2 (ORIGINAL CONTENT)


Maxed attack


Ok 4 whites


lucky :stuck_out_tongue:


My prism collection is almost complete.


Where is the downvote buttom! Jk your just too good… lol imma mess with your title. Imma call it the InfamousX luck hack ppe thread v2. jk


the luck is real


Can you transfer some to me?


Gonna try to get Qot and thats all i want from this event.
Edit: @divineoryx btw it was all from the bow I have on slot 7


Spicy :3


ok gl


After grinding Wlabs, @divineoryx somehow hugged the boss several times while lagging hard af. lmao he is lucky for not getting popped.


tbh I didn’t rlly know what was happening… One time I lagged so much I sat right on top of the nest thing in realm and survived beecause I dced! Then beecause I didn’t know the shit was going on ppl started to call me hacker. I legit thought I was far from the boss and atking the bees on the outside.


I can see you lag so hard lmao
Edit: uh spongebob stalker is back btw


lol my friend showed me a screenshot. It legit showed me ontop of the bee thing! Happened about 1 yr ago.
Edit: lol




awww lucky… I always wanted one of those…


Whats that random spell? Looks super bad must drop from pink bags!



PeOPle waStiNg hAllzS


Shield to swapout, I wont use the ability, but I will use its stats.


mAxeD mANa