InfamousX Trash PPE thread v2 (ORIGINAL CONTENT)




Red and Blue done


Sat on a bomb
Mundane Rogue Next


I seriously question how anyone finds doing a PPE to be fun.


It’s something different


You underestimate mundane ppe’s?

Tbh, its just a time killer and I find it enjoyable, Only if its a mundane ppe
Don’t ask why


Probably so people who don’t nolife to the extent they can feed cult robes and drop bracers I thought you were an archer main like why ;-; can still feel good without getting whites. Also, if you don’t get PPEs why’d you click here?


@Wilhuff absolutely roasted


I genuinely do not understand how that consists of ‘absolutely roasted.’

For starters, its not that I no life to the point I can feed cult whites and drop bracers; its because I don’t like the classes that would benefit from those items, and thus it serves me no purpose to keep those items.

Secondly, I’m not the 12 year old whose mindset is, 'School’s closed because of coronavirus. Time to play videogames all day!" Now that is genuinely no lifeing.


twas a joke
also im not 12. but the mindset is pretty relatable. Ive been doing a little bit of irl stuff for like nhs and whatever, but mosty yeah videogames


Allow me to quote Shatter.

Your joke sucks mate.


yes i know


Uh well I may not be 12, but I, an 18 year old plays the game a lot cause I don’t have online school or even a job to think about going out.


Think he’s talking about me lol why does he still think I’m 12 ;-;


Welp im almost in exactly that situation. im 17, but rn nothing to do for school, and my work temporarily closed during for now