InfamousX Trash PPE thread v2 (ORIGINAL CONTENT)


Its a ppe lol


I saw it.


Crashers dragged tripple crusade killing tons of players, including me :confused:


new mundane knight ppe


Also when a mundane or normal ppe dies, all the way to the top it will show what drops that ppe got.


Ok this is epic, I went inside a UDL. Tped to a guy but he had tons of slimes on him xd, dead end.


Mundane pally time, bro guildies say its gay and a furry thing. But its not, its epic gamer style.


almost died by bes lel


lmao not again


He is my enemy, bes is beyond thanos car


OMFG FIRE SWORD IN ORANGE BAG, this ppe is almost the same as my last


OmEgA lLuL


Mundane Warrior ppe time


para hp and I also took out the use of ability meaning I will never use my ability again, ALL CLASSES THAT I DO WILL BE MUNDANE ANYWAY.



I hope you get ogmur.


same so I can feed


Gross roll


red bag and Im big sad


Tried to cross plats to see where the priest and pallys, RL didn’t move people lmao

didn’t die moving, died because no heals lmao