InfamousX Trash PPE thread v2 (ORIGINAL CONTENT)


Well mundane ppes aren’t going to well, so gonna do normal ppe necro next!


probbably doing it to avenge other crashers that have been /kicked (im not saying \kick is bad cuz honestly im happy I dont see [redacted name] (so this wont count as witch hunt) bc he is a salty motherfkr and i used to know him in middle school and he did some dumb shit and got (not expelled but sorta forced to(he first masturbated in bathrooms and was posted on instagram doing so and then later he ran away from school to play [Private server] and then my friend had to bribe him with 10000 fame to come back 2 weeks after that [Private server] died so i was laughing SOOO hard )))(he was missing a police report was filed)

[Not a witch hunt but it is defamatory, please dont do this -Shatter]


uh, ok? I am ok with crashers but atleast if they don’t fucking drag shit everywhere.


Top using steroids. I expected better from you…


WDym? :sweat_smile:


Dont act like you dont know.


:sweat: maybe I just got lucky?


Ill believe. For now…




I saw your hacks! Turn your luck hacks off please


that pet skin is really sexy


And dead o2, knights why didn’t you perma stun/ Smh, you must protect the mundane knight…

new mundane knight ppe, done 1 cult and 2 voids with this knight
Edit: this isn’t the next one btw, I died many many many many many times. Dont check my grave yard plz. xd


maxed atk


OmEga LuL


I got brain tried to screenshot and someone dragged oryx minions and

Was also laggy… lmao


ok I am so sad rn, I want to die. I have depression again cuz of this death. Even when its unfair or fair death. TIME TO START ANOTHER MUNDANE PPE.


I got mith in oryx and didn’t screenshot :confused:




yeah just using shield for the def