InfamousX Trash PPE thread v2 (ORIGINAL CONTENT)


dead omega lul


I have taken a break from PPE’s, 11 days lul, I will start a new ppe mundane this weekend.


Ok ik, this was, long long long long ago. The reason was because (check my graveyard) I keep (DYING). I’ll start a new ppe this weekend, I promise to post and not be bad at this game. :wink:


Make it like your old knight ppe

and I swear to god your gonna get white star too quickly lol
Barely a year and your already close to white star.


oh god, dont remind me of that ppe. I died because I didn’t pay attention meaning I afked for 10 secs in shaits.



Necro Mundane PPE
Edit: Yes! Its finally here, a mundane ppe. Ik, Ik, I am late. But the reason or cause of this was… (Dying to much)


plz post all your white bags i missed your mundane ppes!!





Im bad at this game lmao
I forgot about the lazer phase and ofc I eat them all


Bruh image


Mundane? I saw you use ur skull


uh its mundane, I use skull for hp bonus lmao

Edit: you can also visit my graveyard to see, but dont go down.
you will see alot of dead ppes that weren’t included here lmao


I can’t edit the list of mundane ppes with the UT loot. because it says Mundane Knight PPE Drops: ???. And I did a necro instead of a knight lmao…


NOthing to see here!
Edit: divine made me edit taking something out :confused:
It was illegal


Rip Im fond of that list hope you can edit it again some day


Suspicious Mana

Even more suspicious mana
Edit: I have now checked graveyard and it is indeed mundane sorry lmao


Guys get ready for UT only mundane ppe knight
Also get ready for Infinity War Part 2 Spoilers



Or I’ll find a way to get a dislike button and dislike everything of yours!