InfamousX Trash PPE thread v2 (ORIGINAL CONTENT)


Thanos Demands your Silence.


not gonna watch end game so whatever :man_shrugging:

and then i’m gonna end up watching it


Yw for the UT only idea :wink:


So I was opening a Epic Chest, and I was holding shift, and I clicked. This means I used my shield lmao.
Guess UT Only PPE…
This hurts me, I want mundane reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Knight died, you can look at it in my graveyard. Wasn’t really much… So I came back with PPE Mundane Priest.

Doing some of the Nest Event


Man I still haven’t gotten a single crystal wand yet


I got loot tier drop potion from egg wrap and used mystery dye to get blue dye.

Omega lul
Died because of intense lag in a mt, I stood still thinking thats a great idea. When it finished lagging, I got insta popped.


Edit: This is where I got my backpack and dyes from


This priest hid my white bag, smh
I also got x8 more marks for the other quest, so I opened the st chest, epic and quest chest.

I don’t know if I should be glad or sad about the skull, I’m mundane lmao…


@Derpypers he got skull.



I don’t understand, is this some ‘Flex’?


I think he’s saying “Just one more damn piece.”


no its a flex


You want to bet on that?


Edit: Nvm on the house means everyone, dont wanna do that
Nothing to see here :wink:


No seriously. I bet 20 life pots.


dont have space
how about 1


Oh, are you that afraid you’re possibly wrong?

If you’re so certain your belief is right, up it to 20.


no fr my vault to full, can do something like deca or you know lmao