Infinite Loading Bug Please Suggest Solutions


Please provide the following information when asking for tech support. It helps a lot!

  • Computer Operating System is Windows 10 Pro
  • Where you play from
  • I use Chrome Version 92.0.4515.107
  • The version of Adobe Flash you have installed. Go here to quickly find out: I don’t use flash

What I’ve tried

  • Uninstalling, reininstalling
  • Changing router to and then
    clearing regedit deca folder and then updating game from launcher
  • Changing server (tried each server)
  • Changing preferred server from regedit (tried every server)
  • Waited 10 minutes in loading screen thinking it could’ve been hacker protection

None seemed to work so I’m looking for new solutions I’m gonna probably install Flash and then give updates on whether that works or not.


Tried different device? If that doesnt work try a different account


Flash is already unsupported, don’t try.


Bruh mans using flash to play a game that didnt have a flash port for a year.


Idk its really wordy so its hard to understand what hes actually saying


I found from my testing that the newest created character can be corrupted/bugged. Not sure why but it happens. If you use Windows, you’ll need open Registry Editor. Then open the corresponding: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/ SOFTWARE. Then find DECA Live Operations GmbH -right click and delete it. If you’re not sure about it then use YouTube.


You must delete the character that is bugged there is no way to play it from this point forward untill deca fixes this.


Basically until then… yes. :roll_eyes:


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