Infinite loading screen exalt

  • Windows 10
  • Exalt
  • Infinite loading screen on exalt I have tried deleting deca live operations and restarting my pc.
    Issue randomly showed up normally I would just restart my computer and the infinite loading screen would stop.


It could mean you got banned. Just a thought.


I don’t think he got banned. I have the same issue happen every now and then.


Try changing to default server through registry, remove build, and loading flash to see if it’s a problem with your account or exalt.


I would say is nor a ban or server either . The matter itself should be this bug of Protocol Error 21 .
It lags instantly on Chrome while you are playing in Rotmg . New accounts login in the Rotmg Exalt have the bug .
That happen at me in the same situation and it’s not good .


idk about you but registry server change always helps with infinite loading screens with me d:
Also wdym by Chrome? The guy’s using Exalt. And what’s “the bug”


When you go at the Original Rotmg at LH or a large dungeon , it disconnect you instantly but this could be another debate … Sorry for that .
If he has an invite to Exalt and enter in the game , it can be a server error system who devs haven’t resolved as now.
It happens with Exalt players and non-Exalt players.


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