Infinity Gauntlet

+1 dead daughter

Effect: Erase half of ever:::. . *. . * * .




The sprite looks cool.


I knew it !



Something like a ASS reskin maybe? Low fire rate for massive damage. Idk


tbh if you look at it for a little it starts to look like a piece of wheat.


Looks kinda like an Infinity Oven Mitt.

Make it deal 3000 damage to enemies and 500 damage to the user per shot


Sorry. Low res


On a more realistic scale, I’d rather have it shoot a continuous beam of (Low-powered shots to keep it as a vanity) shots in order to make it resemble the Infinity Beam that Thanos shoots a lot. That would make it a cool vanity.


This is obviously an omni reskin. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.


I see a golden quiver /:


I used to make sprites for gloves (i was making a warlock class that used gloves and orbs or somthing,) on rotmg sprite maker, this reminded me of it, but since rotmg sprite maker is down i doubt he copied it, still i agree it does look quite “cash cool”


only 1 word: copyright


That’s the point…


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