Inputting 16+16 into the Inner Workings calculator gets this response from Craig (probably this year's ARG)


someone in the stream said “you’re in need of a tool, more this than that”


going to continue the chat, discord for the ARG discussion continuatiion


Discussion also continuing on (now ended)


don’t really get how you’re “supposed” to figure out the enigma decryption, but then again i also don’t get how people figured out the configuration last year either.


Believe brother, we will get it


That’s a good question, who did solve the Enigma last year (assuming it is Enigma again this year), what exactly did they do to solve it? I can see there’s a guide to write some code for a brute force Enigma decode at ( ready-made code may be ) but it requires a crib and I think last year was more text from which to try and find a crib? But we have ‘more’, ‘this’, ‘need’, ‘tool’ from @PiiNeS above which we could try…


Ah, unfortunately that code assumes an ‘octopi’ distributed network setup, which I don’t have. I don’t know if anyone can ‘de-distribute’ the code to make it run multithreaded on one machine…


lol, no way we figure out which cipher it is


I had genuinely NO IDEA there was such a thing as an “ORYX” cipher, where the HECK are you guys getting this boundless knowledge from.

Anyhow did we ever verify if those weird red spots that were totally blank and seemingly fake Beer Gods were like, actually deliberate, or just glitches related to the Keyper and Biff events? If we did earlier in this thread I apologize because man… This has been a LOT to keep track of.


With some of the words being possibly decrypted to say tool, has anyone tried anything with the blacksmith? Does the blacksmith interact with text?


Despite my best efforts of screaming nonsense as I usually do, nothing, unless someone has a different phrase.


this is driving me insane not gonna lie


maybe the cipher has something to do with this?

in any case there are only 14 different numbers, going up to 17 but 3 4 and 5 are missing for some reason

edit: might be going down a rabbit hole but the first thing i think of when i see 3 4 5 is Pythagorean theorem


Checking the wiki, this dialogue has been in the game for a while now. Consolation of Draconis itself has existed for a while apparently but it has been changed for this event. So this might not be relevant.


There’s also a 20 in there, so don’t get too hung up on 3/4/5 stuff.

Also as stated by ElMooth above, the Consolation of Draconis has been existing – the real events are approximately as stated by Craig/the Realm Eye, aside from Oryx being Kabam devs.


This might not help solve the cipher, but when Craig says that the “problem” is special to his home (Sprite World), it is probably because the dragons in LoD were originally sprites. You can look at the realm eye lore for them and they all contain the soul of a sprite.

Maybe it’s possible to find soulless bodies of sprites somewhere, idk.


context: we were talking about the possible links between the sprite world and lair of draconis based on lore

make of this what you will


question; where did you even get those ciphering rules? you used two different substitution ciphers for the two halves


possibly this:

It has a bunch of different cipher types and i think we used it last year.


Ooooo this looks like it basically automates what I was trying to do above with trying to map high frequency letters in the code to high frequency letters in the English language.

With the default automatic settings on that I get:
U n it seem ish so olive ry sands t u s say n

So the automatic doesn’t seem good unless if someone fiddles with it to try and make it make sense…

SMCGPANIYEVTORUDLFWHBKJXZQ is the substitution alphabet dCode automatically came up with.

But you can also try to guess a word in the decrypted sentence, if we guess correctly then dCode will decrypt the whole thing for us (had a few attempts focusing on new content as per a ‘new content’ hint from Deca (according to Arrow, see the Discord), but no luck)

Putting my 16+16 calc in (ZQVUBPQRIMIBNSZO) yields OTINASTHEREALCOD
OT in as the real cod?!