Inputting 16+16 into the Inner Workings calculator gets this response from Craig (probably this year's ARG)


someone posted a pic of them with a book in the rotmg discord


the old calculator is 16 bit, right? I’m predicting right now uni’s upgraded it to 32 bit because that’d be even more pointless than before and he’s probably that crazy.


did someone check the realm eye description for the kingdom stowaway


this is what the second log says(found this on the disc)


I’m going to sleep. This is going to be interesting !


could we possible be able to create the contract numbers in the inner workings calculator to see what happens? Also has anyone tried talking with the realmeye?


the Realm Eye does not have a line for Kingdom Stowaway


Also using sprite mace in skuld resulted in nothing happening.


Seems more likely to me that this is step 1 if it has the 16+16 needed to activate the inner working secret.


I’ve figured out Craig! (In the sprite world, at least.)

For anyone who doesn’t know, you can summon Craig by finding the light blue sprite that DOES NOT SHOOT any bullets. If you stand around him and say “Craig” (that was the word that worked for me), his dialogue will activate. When activated in the non-math room (16 + 16 room), his dialogue is fairly ‘normal’, in the sense that he doesn’t talk about said math room at all.
I haven’t been able to get his dialogue from that room yet, but as in the previous screenshot sent by Niegil, you can see that he makes references to Limon and Skuld.

Note: when I activated Craig, his dialogue was different from the dialogue previously shown. Craig didn’t talk about Skuld or the room at all, just mentioned how he was stopping by. This could possibly mean that the Skuld dialogue is unrelated, but it’s definitely too early to rule out any possibilities.


I’m fairly sure that the official lore states that Craig’s home is in the court of oryx rather than the sprite world, so this would be in line, also there isn’t really any mention of the previous conversation in the calculator in the dialogue.

Guessing that the next step is something we haven’t tried in the court of oryx


i’m down to spam words with you or anyone who wants to try and brute force guess it.


wouldn’t be surprised if it’s related to an item; people have already spammed multiple different terms there


I found that if you don’t shoot anything while in Sprite World you can go to Limon and she doesn’t shoot. And then you can drag her around the dungeon.
I haven’t been able to do anything else with it but it could be related since Craig says, “Kinda wish you’d stop killing my other friends and family, though”.
Edit: I just found some new dialogue from Craig. I went in didn’t shoot anything, then I found Craig using what @Hibub said before.

I still don’t know what it could mean tho. This mostly looks like a random easter egg not really related to anything else.


Honestly the worst part is that with objectWithin transitions now being a thing, he could probably redo the entire thing in like less than half the time it originally took him.

unless…I did it beefore him…


Hmm… perhaps someone could try the shipping logs numbers in court?


This is all really sad and I’m feeling worse and worse for the little guy every post that pops up.


image ok it is definitely a shatters reference, the stowaway also only ever says one line, and cannot be refreshed to say another line it seems. Then he just disappears after taking any amount of dmg. I’m not sure this is related to the easter egg, and might just be shatters rework stuff


Couldn’t manage to get a response from him.

Pacifist but you kill a sprite in front of him:

(One of the many) Neutral:

And of course, Genocide (kill everything except Craig):

I’m starting to think this isn’t the next step now lol


maybe use the pacifist strat to drag limon to craig (and drag both to the numbers room if possible)?

fyi, pacificst strat = if you don’t hit any sprites you can drag limon from boss room to anywhere in the dungeon