Inputting 16+16 into the Inner Workings calculator gets this response from Craig (probably this year's ARG)


I did that but he didn’t say anything different.
Link to a clip.


maybe you need to explore more dungeons without killing anything, not sure which ones though


I wonder what happens if you kill limon only


Alright i killed limon, accidentally killed 2 smalls sprites and got thisimage


if you only kill some sprites you get a random dialogue from a pool


Has anyone tried to go to the court of Oryx and mentioning sprites to him? With all the unique dialogue, I’d expect at least something of craig to mention them at the court


yes, we tried.
yes, we failed.
yes, craig keeps his secrets very well.


I’m starting to think anything with craig is starting to be a dead end. Maybe try skuld idk


yep you right, even if you kill only limon the voice lines don’t change to an specific voiceline


or we could possibly try this


Has anyone said 182 to him yet? That’s what it would equal if it were upside down.


doesn’t do anything, has anyone tried guild hall craig


You mean like this?
No reaction. Couldn’t think of other keywords before Craig left cuz I was distracted.

Ooh I like orange star on forums


has anyone tried asking “strange activity” instead of asking about the numbers? I tested in court but nothing happens


what makes you think this will get a reaction? we could try in skuld or even in inner workings but i doubt thatd work


I feel like if the sprite world dialogue plays a part in this, it has to relate to Skuld. Craig references Skuld more than once (i think), so might as well check that out instead of yelling random words at him in court for 3 mins straight…


maybe say craig in the cem. or sprie idk if someone already did this


lmao, might even ask Dr. Terrible or the Beekeeper… they’re pretty smart, they might know.

heck, maybe even guill?


reading the craig dialogue again and you’re right that doesn’t make any sense


what if there’s no arg and we’re just discovering easter eggs. we’re not even sure it’s an arg anyway

The Inner Workings machine secret!