Inputting 16+16 into the Inner Workings calculator gets this response from Craig (probably this year's ARG)


hi unibro :smiley:


tried where?
I might go back to court/sprite and try the dialogue again

my discord is flameventurer#7406 btw


In sprite world and court. didn’t try in skuld tho


It seems there is a continously restarting bugged realm in eusw that causes a dc and then crashes and restarts as a new realm continuously. Maybe this is related to the ARG?


(note: this is not an actual clue, just annoying cause im trying to recheck craig dialogues)


Maybe try spelling out 32?

Thirty two


this is exactly what i did, but we can retry it


maybe we ask craig “What’s sixteen plus sixteen?” in either the sprite world or the court, have we tried that?


I haven’t tried that


Okay Lads, what Guild ELITE found sofar. If you find craig in the Sprite world type “numbers” assoon as he starts speaking. he opens a portal to a old version of the LoD with a flying Red baloon which drops pots. On the floor is a number. we are currently collecting the numbers since they seem to be random everytime.


i literally said “numbers” to craig around 15 seconds ago. no such behaviour, is it possible that not shooting any sprites and triggering the “pacifist” behaviour overrides that? @DecaUnibro ? this might be a potential issue with the arg if the behaviours override each other


OH SHOOT THAT’S THE CONSOLATION OF DRACONIS. that’s also really, really cool!


There’s no glitch, I’ll say that much. It’s a matter of timing.


Holy shit this is so exciting lmao


Join the guy leading the search!


Seeing screenshots of people typing numbers too early AND/OR too late before resorting to 4D chess
trying to solve it


I got in like10 mins ago. I got this:
I’ve been trying to upload for a while now it wasn’t letting me xd


wait, so does that mean you can get extra pots from sprite worlds just by typing numbers to craig -_-. Sad thing is, I’m actually gonna be doing that.


Is craig guaranteed to spawn in the sprite world?


think so, you just have to find him