Inputting 16+16 into the Inner Workings calculator gets this response from Craig (probably this year's ARG)


Were the numbers in the dungeon there before?


some more lines from the discord







seems to create a sentence




probably not useful but i plotted the points on a graph pogre


Except like you just said the numbers were just added in for this years ARG. It wasn’t there before which I don’t know for you, but for me it definitely seems like its gonna be a part of this years ARG.


also our literal introduction to this ARG was that the redesigned sprite world contained a room that said “16 + 16 = ?” so like. i’m pretty sure checking pre-existing dungeons is fair game just on principal


What, aren’t you ready…?

This one (seen in bickuribox12 video) caught my eye after all the mentions of Skuld by Craig. And despite the ellipsis, it seems to be a complete sentence that may not fit into this stitching-together scheme.


And some more:



First screenshot from ign SycoraxVw
The other 2 from me

More from ign NatinLW, Maniac#3437 on Discord:



No They weren’t. They aren’t seen in this Video.


Do we have any leads at the moment?


Also saying Hi to Craig while he’s in the boss room does not provoke any different lines


our current strategy is being so bad at it that the devs decide to give us another clue


for anyone wondering on what we need that can be found through playing the game, there’s a lot of unfound Kingdom Stowaway lines that we still need, and we still need VIII from the Consolation of Draconis


hey so, im very hyped about this and maybe i got way too excited for something that is nothinf, i want to thank to all god level decoders and all the people that are trying to solve this, i will try to make my small contribuition to this. I was making a shatters and found a different lava walk ( its not the current amogus), i think its strange and can maybe be related to something

it does not look like something helpful… but i hope it can helps, i also tried saying key words in the LOD but nothing came of it.


Is the lod from craig temporary?


I could be wrong but that just looks like the normal lava walk before the change for April Fools.


bruh that’s the regular lava walk


If you’re stuck here’s a good PDF file to look at (this is for general puzzle solving as well).

Also another thing, in response to this message:


OT probably stands for Ocean Trench. COD could stand for Consolation of Draconis.


I’m trying to think of possible draconis-related things one could DO in the Ocean Trench. The obvious answer is “pop a LoD key in it” but I HIGHLY doubt that’s the answer as that’d involve literal real-world money or incredible luck with the freebie mystery keys. If there was a pack for freebie LoD keys, I’d be more inclined to believe it?

My OTHER, probably more reasonable guesses for LoD-style things to do in the Ocean Trench;

  • Use a Draconis Potion in one
  • Say “black/blue/green/red” in the Ocean Trench
  • Use one of the white bag drops (probably either the Celestial Blade or Kageboshi) on Dying Thessal
  • Say something to Dying Thessal in particular?


I wanted to try to pop an OT key in the Consolation of Draconis but I haven’t found Craig yet. Has there been a discovered method to reliably get him to spawn?