Interesting, funny or favorite skin 'n dyes combos (n' pets if you're Demonseye)


… because last one closed (Favorite Skin/Dye Combinations) and I just got some ideas recently:

Lucky%20Block%20Knight 191-1913135_mario-jumping-super-mario-question-block
Lucky block Knight, perfect for getting popped by marios in lh. Any mystery skin will work, but knight has the most squarish silhouette…

link%20knight's%20bedtime%20story link%20sleep link%20sleep2

Link requests a bedtime story. A combination between sleepover knight, link’s iconic green tunic and any cloth you wish his pillow to be…

Dragon%20plushie lizard%20plush

Dragon Plushie and Lizard plush, available at your local conveniently placed store. Any kind of combination with stripes and beast-like skin will end up lookin like a hand-sewn plushie, thing is some skins have areas that always retain their original colors, breaking the harmony between cloths if this sounds like a challenge well you’re right it is one


(I can open that again if you plan on contributing to it, just saying.)


hey why not. will you merge the post or you open, i transfer everything from here?

i just didnt know how to ask or to who, so yeah

edit: wait a sec, last one’s only about favorite combos, and im still discovering other combinations, so not sure my skins would fit in there


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well thx, havent thought of that one


totally%20not%20sus very%20sus

Totally not sus bandits. Inspired by the robber cloth, thought I used another one because I thought the stripes were too thin.


Ordinary Metal Crate Rogue. Many combintations possible with this skin, although I found it hard to make anything fit.

mario%20hammer mario

Mario with a Hammer, from the arcade game Donkey Kong. Could not find a red and blue cloth for the life of me.


‘‘send nudes plz’’


Kind of off topic here, but please enjoy this cute slurp and his shy froggo.




Now I need to add pets to the title now.

:raised_hand::open_mouth: its okayyy


Also what skin did you use for the Mario with hammer?


Whack-a-Warrior skin, by Zquidx. You can find it in the haizor skin viewer. Thats what I use to make these.

Enforcer%20Bot%203000 Mad%20lab's%20Mini%20bot

Enforcer Bot 3000 with his trusty Mini bots we all love.


Gulpord Sorcerer, using the feral skin I found.


im buying sleepover knight now


realmeye for some reason displays it incorrectly, but cornsilk is the accessory and bisque is the clothing dye. cornsilk optional.





Thats a cute pet.