Interesting moment in a Parasite


So I was on USE2 and got bored of running Temples/Reefs, and decided to go into a Realm. Went in, someone calls a parasite, and I decided, why not do it?
Eventually everyone nexuses or leaves except myself and this one guy, SkullCrakr.
Well, I’m just slowly clearing my way along (on a ninja I don’t know why I brought ninja for this dungeon xd) and he (on a pally) seems to be doing either a rush or a speedclear.
He gets triggered, calls me a leecher, then after I say I’m too squishy to do his speedclear he states that he only has 40 def (I’d just like to point on that on his 7/8 pally with acrop he should have at least 54) and starts to get triggered at me.
Well, we do boss, and I swear I was genuinely trying to duo the boss with him, but he just started getting really triggered for some reason.
I’ll let you guys evaluate the chat:

So yeah… I’m not a god and I probably ended up missing barrels, I’ll concede to that. And I guess I started screwing around with him a little roughly after he admitted to hacks.

I expect someone to come on here and defend his side, roast me hard, and likely (but not definitely) get riled up and triggered over it. It’s just the ways of existence on the internet. :wink:

Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit, maybe even found it funny! :smiley:


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