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Hey guys,

First time posting on the forums but I really need help because this issue is happening every 5 minutes of gameplay. I’m playing the game through Firefox if that helps but I literally disconnect out of the blue every 5 minutes of gameplay. It just logs me out completely from the game and when I try to log back in it prompts “Internet Error. Please wait 10 minutes to try again!” and after I do log in 15-20 minutes later the same happens again…

Any help/info would be appreciated.


dont use browser lmao

In seriousness, try a different browser or a different platform.
Thats all the advice I can give


Could be the library bug


It’s definitely the library bug

But while you’re at it, get off browser please lmao


The browser seemed to be working a lot better than the steam for me, what is the issue with browser to begin with though? :worried:

And thanks for letting me know about the Library bug


I got dced for 10 minutes twice in the span of 1 hour :anger: :anger:


It fuckin sucks lmao

use flash projector instead.


Use flash player, runs better than steam


Deca is fking wasting my time, i go into a library and i get dced right after I ENTER! AND IT WAS THE LAST MARK I NEEDED FK U DECA+10 MIN DC
sorry for rant I need to vent out my anger


I’ve already been force dce’d twice in the past 25 minutes. I have no idea whats going on but I’m just gonna stay off for a while


to be fair, the browser runs alright depending on the pc you use. sometimes i play at the local library and using browser on the desktop computers was fine. not like a chromebook
so it’s probably the library bug


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