Interview with the staff: Meet Toastrz



We all know Toast! But definitely my favorite of these so far :grin:. But no mention of HTT… whose boss has been toast’s forum profile since at least the kabam days??


I feel like I have leant nothing new from this. Toast is a open book and one with a pretty good read.

@Toastrz go for the steel soul 100% my man.

Probably my most coveted achievement :slight_smile:

Agree with King it’s a shame we didn’t get a part about Toastrz obsession with F.E.R.A.L.

“well, in the immortal words of a much more accomplished designer, it just works.”

oh…oh no


If I try to commit myself to that you’d never see me again. The pantheons have been enough hell.


Hollow Knight is one of the only games where I got all the steam achievement. Probably my proudest video game accomplishment to date.


One of my sisters was going for silver, and was approaching the end with over 10 hours put into it trying to collect most of the items and playing it safe, but she left the Nintendo Switch within reach of the baby… he unpaused it and killed her. There’s more than one person enduring the struggle! I’ll be happy to see her finally join your ranks.